Monday, August 27, 2012

Dessert Alert! ~ Rum Balls ~

Here is a quick and super easy dessert recipe that is sure to please the adults!
It’s called Rum balls, and yes they contain alcohol so keep away from the kids.
Here’s the line up only 4 ingredients I promise.
Vanilla Wafers, Butter, Rum and powdered sugar.
Rum Ball Ingredients
Crush up your vanilla wafers in a blender, food processer or chopper whatever you have. If you don’t have any of those and you’re desperate banging the heck out of them in the bag works too… trust me I know. *wink*
vanilla cookies
When you’re cookies are crushed till they are pretty uniform but not into cookie dust add in a tablespoon of butter and 1/4 cup of rum and mix with the cookies.
Keep adding butter and rum little by little until you get a chunky sort of sticky batter like it looks below.
It’s not an exact science, add more rum if you want them stronger and more butter if you would rather then not so strong, but why would you not want them strong with a kick?
As long as the texture is moist enough to roll up in a ball with your hands like below.
Rum Ball
After that I usually roll it around in some powdered sugar to keep the outside from being too sticky and what doesn’t taste good with powdered sugar on top of it, you just can’t go wrong.
After they are all done, I like them up and dust a little more powdered sugar on top right before I serve them.
Rumball and powdered sugar
Enjoy and don’t forget to have a designated driver!!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coming to the realization he’s not a baby anymore

(Yes, I know I’ve been absent, I wont make excuses… so on with my post….)
It is happening to me right now and I don’t know how to feel about it.
I swear I feel like this was just last week
1 week old baby
And before I knew it I was going back to work and this was the last day mommy and her lil guy had together.
7 week old baby
Then the big boy was going out to dinner.
out to dinner
And eating in his own highchair.
In a blink of an eye it was his first birthday.
first birthday
And yup, blink again it was his 2nd birthday.
second birthday
Three weeks ago, I find out that he got accepted into Pre School.
We had been waiting for it for a while and we weren’t sure if he would get in.
Now that its real and my baby is going to preschool, I feel so emotional. How did he grow up so fast, how is it that my baby is old enough to go to school?!?!
All these crazy emotions are going through me right now.
The other morning I picked him up out of bed and just wanted to carry him like a baby. I hugged and squeezed him just a little tighter and longer than I normally would have that day and it brought a tear to my eye. (mind you he is more than half my size) It reminded me to make sure to tell my son I love you about a hundred times a day.
He’s been in school for over a week now and he loves it. I see my little boy maturing right in front of my eyes! I have anxiety about will he be a good boy, will he listen, I hope he doesn’t make trouble. Then I have anxiety over will he be the kid that gets picked on? Will he be a follower or a leader? I really do make myself crazy…. he’s a great kid and I love him. His teachers say hes doing great in school and loves problem solving and outdoor play.
Getting him to eat whatever they give him… now that’s a different story.
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