Friday, April 29, 2011

Grilled JoJos

I saw a similar recipe on girlling with Bobby Flay... anything he makes looks so good.
I made this once when we cooked out with some friends and it was really good so when my dad suggested mashed potatoes with our Easter ham I had to make them.

Super easy, I just cut some fresh potatoes, skin on or off, it's your choice, I like skin on.
Then I drizzled them with hawaiian salt and olive oil.

Then I chopped up some fresh rosemary and sprinkled them on the wedges and let it marinate for a little while. Throw em on the grill for a few minutes on each side and done! Thats it!

Yes, I know my grill is dirty, dont say eww... it's a grill all the taste comes from all the leftover griblets. And by the way, notice my grill brush in the background? It's the BEST grill brush ever and we got it from Matco Tools. You know that tool van that drives around? Yes, that one! You can also order online. I think each franchise also sells different items, our local Matco dealer sells Oakley shades.

 And thats it. So simple and so yummy.
 Now sit back and enjoy the Sunday afternoon.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Linky Parties Update

Please check out my list of Linky Parties up above!

I add to them often so the list keeps changing.

Just added 3 more today from Boobies, Babies & a Blog

BWS tips button

She's one sexy mama and aint afraid to tell it like it is.
Go on over and check her out, speaking of sexy.... you should check out her current giveaway.
But First! A disclaimer, it does contain adult content, do not head over if you will be offended.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ice Cold Iced Tea and Thankful Linky Party!

When I think about my childhood I often think of my grandma.
She was everything to me.
She basically raised me and I lived with her majority of my life till I was a senior in highschool.
She passed away my second semister in college.
I was devastated. It took me a long time to get over the loss of such a huge part of my life.
She was my grandmother, the diciplinary figure, my inspiration, my rock, my friend.

One very vivid memory of her was coming home from school and she would be sitting at the kitchen table with her friend from across the street.
They would sit and talk to each other in Japanese because they didnt want me to know what they were talking about. They would watch their soap operas, eat oreo cookies and drink her homemade iced tea. Her tea was delish!
She would have glass jars in the yard with tea bags hanging out the top and we knew we were in for a treat.

This past Saturday my mom and neice came over and we hung out in the backyard, it was a beautiful day. My mom and I started talking about my grandma's iced tea.

I had to have some!

Fresh mint from my garden

Well it's not her recipe, its actually just crystal light, but I put some of my fresh mint and a shot of lemon juice and I could almost imagine it was my grandma's.

And it was such a beautiful day.
I am thankful for having such a strong amazing woman in my life.
I am also thankful that I was able to share such a sweet moment with my family this past saturday.

Come on guys, what are you thankful for?

It can be anything!! Thrifty finds, a completed project, family time... anything! Just link up!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hoo are you no. 40

Wow hard to belive this is number 40!
I know I jumped on the bandwagon late, but this has been so much fun!
Here are this week's questions...
1. Do you plant a garden or flowers or neither?
I am so NOT a green thumb!
When we first moved into our house I said grass ONLY nothing else to take care of.
Well I guess I kinda broke out of my box because I have a garden and I have flowers and plants making a debut! I mine as well since my grass is the HARDEST thing to take care of now!
2. Does it bother you to have your blinds or curtains open after dark so people can see in your house?
OMG! I hate that!!! But the side the breeze comes from is also the side that faces the road! What can it do?! I have a bush that I planted in front of the window that you can see us eating dinner and I just cant wait for it to grow enough to block the window! And everyone in our neighborhood goes walking at night!!!!
3. Do you like to go camping?
I used to LOVE camping! We would go every summer when I was growin up. Now with a 2 yr old its so much work! I do promise that I will take him again this summer. I think we need to have practice nights in the backyard this summer.
4. Do you have a laptop or a desk top computer?
I now have a laptop. I swore I would never get one just because I like working on normal size computer, now that I have a laptop... I'll never go back to a desktop!
5. What time during the day do you have the most energy?
I think I get a good boost mid-morning, prob after the coffee has kicked in and then again mid afternoon, by evenings I'm kinda beat!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Music Moves Me...

It's Monday and time for Monday Music Moves Me!


What music is moving you today?
It's a "Free" week so these songs are what I'm feeling today.

Have a Happy Monday Everyone!!!

My First Hot Cross Buns...

So the weeks before Easter I was hearing Hot Cross Buns all over the place... I know I've had a sheltered life but I honstly have never had Hot Cross Buns.
I love the recepies on The Pioneer Woman because its so detailed and there's pictures, I'm a real visual person.

So I tried THIS recipe.

I started by warming the milk, oil and sugar. Let it cool to a warm and then added the yeast.

After that I added flour and mixed it up.

Then covered with a towel and let it hang out on my kitchen counter in the warm sun for about an hour. This would have been perfect for the afternoon sun. My kitchen gets so much sun from the West you literally have to wear shades and sunblock to cook dinner.

After about an hour I added more flour and mixed again.

And I made my spice mixture: sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and all spice.
This was probably my favorite part. It smelled DEVINE!!
I wish I could settle all my cravings with just a scent. I wanted to rub it all over me it smelled so good.

I sort of kneeded and pressed the dough out on my floured counter top.
Then added a thrid of the spice mixture and a third of the rasins.
Then folded and kneeded again, three times till all the spice and rasins are mixed in well.
This was probably the hardest part.

Then I made little balls and brushed them with eggwhites and milk.
I love my brush, its pink... and its silicone.
So easy to wash.

Then about 20 mins later you get this...

So while they cool, you make your drizzle.
Can someone tell me one bad thing about powdered sugar??
I didnt think so.

Of course they're called hot CROSS buns and you're supposed to make a cross on the tops but, if you havent figured it out by now... I march to the beat of my own drummer.

Taste test approved! My son must have ate one a day since Friday!
This would be a great breakfast or brunch recipe.

ps... i just ate two more for bfast at my desk today

Linking up {here} check em out!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spice Rack Makeover

So a while back... a long while back... my girlfriend and I were talking about organizing nail polish.
She thought it would be a great idea to repurpose an old spice rack and even have the drawers where you can put your nail clippers, buffer and all the other goodies that you need to do your nails.
I dont even know what all of them are called, lucky I paint my nails three times a year and let the color grow out. Gross I know, you probably didnt need to know that.

Well I searched and searched for a spice rack with drawers and I finally found one. Took me so long to get going with this project that I cant even find my before pix.
It was a nice rack, but it was old looking and just plain wood.

I sprayed it with a couple of coats of black paint.

Then I cut out a pice of board that I picked up from Home Depot and cut it out to fit the backside of the spice rack. And covered it with some lovely pink and black damask fabric.

I stapled it to the backside of the spice rack so that it would show through the front.
And so this is what you see..


And look, I cant believe how cute it turned out with the drawers on the bottom for stuff.

Now she can hang it up and put her nail polish and lotions and all her goodies on it.

Then again, come to think of it... she started crafting and scrapbooking.
This would be really cute to organize her little buttons and stickers and beads and things like that too!
What do you guys think? Nail polish holder or craft holder?
I think she's got way too much craft stuff to fit on this little spice rack.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Food Crushes...

Boy, I feel like I've been so busy lately getting nothing done. I actually did get a few projects completed but then I can't seem to find the time to post about them.

I finally finished a gift I made for a friend of mine, I was going to wait to post about it when she got her package in the mail and I wouldnt spoil the surprize when she read a post about it, but I think I'm too excited and will share it with ya'll tomorrow.

Today, I was reading this post from one of my faves Kevin & Amanda.
She got to meet Bobby Flay!!!
Woah! How lucky is she?!


Photo credit to Kevin & Amanda

I just ♥ heart him!

He is one of my food network celebrity crushes.
If I ever met him.... ohhhhh.... {big sigh}... I think I would be so star struck.
Speaking of Bobby Flay I've been craving a Mufaletta, anyone know where to get one in Hawaii??

I've worked in the tourism industry for atleast 10 years if not longer and I've met so many different celebrities. Paul Rudd was one of the coolest, Harrison Ford was one of the sexiest, Alanis Morsette... OMG LOVE HER! she was just beautiful in person, stunning.
Will Smith was the most suave and his wife Jaida totally cool and way too skinny. Anyway... Im getting off the subject ...

I dont know what it is about Bobby Flay, he's so not my usual 'type' but he is just so cute and so charming! It is because of him that I started watching the Food Network.
That and because I was adicted to Iron Chef Japan... total crush on Hiroyuki Sakai.

Ok, so maybe not a crush more like admiration. I think he reminds me of one of my uncles, he's adorable. I wanted to name my son after him, the hubby said no.

I also adore Giada, she's the greatest.

Shes beautiful, talented and funny and I am flattered when people tell me I look like her.

Actually I think it's more when she does THIS that they think I look like her


So now that I have rambled on and on about my food crushes, more like chef crushes, I dont even remember the point of this post.

So Friday I actually have the day off and I've been hearing soooooo much about these things called Hot Cross Buns. I've never had them or even tried them. Apparently they are an Easter tradition so, because I dont work on Good Friday, I'm going to attempt these beauties:

They look sooo inviting. I want to eat them up, even the name makes me want to brew a pot of coffee. I guess we'll see, I'll let you guys know how it all turns out.
So what are your food crushes? or your plans for your Good Friday?

Monday, April 18, 2011

ABC's of ME!

I just saw this on Personalized Sketches & Sentiments and thought it was sooo cute and so much fun to do!
So now it's my turn.


Age: 32... and honestly since I made 30, I cant remember my age! I always have to look at my husband for help!. LOL Or like Maria I have to subtract the year from my birth year.

Bed size: Double... yes my husband and I share a double, its bigger than the twin we used to share in my first apt.

Chore you hate: washing and cleaning the car!

Dogs:  I'm not a dog person

 Essential start to your day: Coffee!!!

Favorite color: gosh I dont have one fav color. I like different colors for different things. I like greens and greys and browns and yellows

 Gold or Silver: Gold

Height: 5' 9"

 Instruments hahaha I thought of a sarcastic remark for this one, but lets keep it PG so no, I have no musical talent.

Job title: I dont really have a job title and when people ask I say Supreme Being but technically I'm the office manager/accounting & pay roll clerk/ Secretary

Kids: I have 1 son for now.. maybe one more would be a good addition

 Live: ...Kauai, Hawaii... dont be hating

Mom's name: Doreen

 Nicknames: Rhi, Reenie, Ann, Annon

Overnight hospital stays: once when I went into premature labor at 29 weeks and then when I gave birth.

Pet peeve: People who dont use their turning signals, going into an office and they dont have a receptionist, people who drive slow and when you have a chance to pass them they speed up, when its really busy in a store and they have only 2 check stands open..... gosh I have a ton of these.. and I too critical?
 Quote from a movie:  Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. " - Hitch

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Siblings: one half sister 6 yrs younger than me

 Time you wake up: During the week my alarm goes off at 5:40 am and on the weekends, whenever the boy gets up... well I stay in bed and prob get out about 8:30 thank you

Vegetables you dislike: I cant think of any veggies I dont like.. is bitter melon a veggie?

 What makes you run late: me, I just dont manage my time well and I think I can do things faster than I really can.

 X-rays: Tons of them, I'm pretty sure I've X-Ray'ed every bone in my body and with all the injuries I have had in my life I cant belive the only bone I broke was on the top of my foot and I didnt know it was broke till a month later!

 Yummy food you make: I like to think all the food I make is yummy, but I can be pretty darn proud of my roasts; pork or beef

 Zoo favorite animal: um, well being that we have a pretty sad zoo here i think i would say the monkeys!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Play Kitchen Pt. 1

So by now, you all must have seen all those fab Pottery Barn inspired play kitchens everyone is doing all over blogland. Of course I have to have one too... I mean my son has to have one.

But I'm on a serious budget, so...
I've been keeping my eye out at garge sales and craigslist for a desk or tv stand thats cheap. Yea going that way sure is dragging the project on for way longer than I wanted to but it was totally worth it.

I almost go to the point of cutting up our desk I posted about {here}
nothing special, not even something that works, we never use that desk so thats why I figured I'd chop it up. Well on Saturday my aunty called me on her way to the dump and said she's got pieces of their desk that she would give me if I wanted... YES!!!

The very next day the hubby started chopping it up and using what pieces he could.

Of course he had his little helper. He put a ledger that what its called???.. on the back of one set of shelves and on one brace and used another shelf to connect them all together.

So that he could come up with this, a mini desk.


When I first got inspired to do the project I had been searing thrift stores and I had picked up this faucet set for $5 at the Habitat store and a room service food cover for $1.50.

He attached the faucet and cut a hole perfect for the food cover to fit.
We havent siliconed the sink in yet, since I still have to paint.

But there it is! Pretty much done except for the painting and accessorizing.
Sorry I'll have to add one more after pix, I left the picture taking up to the hubs so I didnt get a good final shot. I'll post another pix later on tonight.

I'm so excited to get my paint on and get this in the house for my son to occupy his time so he leaves me alone when I cook... to enjoy.

Desk: FREE
Faucet: $5.00
Sink: $1.50
Total so far: $6.50

I'll keep you updated on the progress!

I'll be linking to the parties {HERE}

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thankful Tuesday no. 5 and a Lovely Blog Award

It's Tuesday, what are you thankful for?
(ok so it's Wednesday, the days are just slipping by me!)

I am thankful for the opportuny to blog and share my thoughts and feelings and adventures and that all of you actually care enough to stick around and read them!

And Patty over at My Chaotic Home is one of those fab people!
She gave me a lovely blog award!
Thanks so much Patty! I am so honored!

Go and check her out, she's a busy mom with 4 daughters! Can you imagine having that many girls in one house?! And one of her daughers is named Rhiannon... just like me :-)

So, because I got the award I'm supposed to list 7 things about me you may not know just from reading my blog...

1. I am deathly afraid of spiders and heights.
When I'm up high, I just can't control myself and I don't feel like I'm going to fall more like I might throw myself over! WTH right?

2.  I am was completely obsessed with Hello Kitty. I had an entire Hello Kitty room with bedding and everything. When we found out we were having a boy, Hello Kitty went into the closet and hasnt been out since.

3. One of my fav foods since I was a child is tuna and tea and rice with furikake.

4. My parents were told that they were having a boy and so they were going to name me Isiah Kalaniokekai, they got a surprize when I was born.

5. I HATE to balance my checkbook. Always have and never did a good job at it. Scary since I work in accounting. LOL

6. I have size 11 feet!

7. I always wanted to be a laker girl. Paula Abdul was my idol growing up.

I am supposed to list 15 other blogs to award but because I'm so thankful for all of you that any one of you reading this right now.. IT'S YOURS!
I'm giving it to you!
Go ahead and pass on this award and make someone else's day.
So what are you thankful for?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have been seriouslly slacking on my sewing!
I have tons and tons of fabulous fabric just waiting for me to do stuff with it.

I've been working to get my etsy store up and running and trying to find time to sew is easier said than done around here. I have tons of amazing fabric from my favorite store and now my newest sponsor!!!

Have you noticed this banner up top?

Free Shipping on orders $35+

I'd like to introduce to you a sewer's/crafter's best friend... or at least mine ;-) ---> Check out their button on my sidebar

They are my GO TO fabric store... why?
Because they have TONS of fabulous fabrics at great deals AND FREE SHIPPING on orders of $35 or more!

I'll be posting updates on my sewing projects soon as I get my etsy up and running, so check back for all the things I made with their fab fabrics.

Click here

Free Shipping on orders $35+

And I promise you will not be disapointed!!

Birthday Party Sweets and Treats

I never got a chance to share my son's 2nd bday party.
There were tons of pix, none all that great. But I want to show you a bit of the desserts.

Everything was super simple and casual. We did it right in our garage and had some family and close friends over.
We had a BBQ just hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and salad.

I made the pennants and the paper garland with my cricut!

Sweet Treats hung over the dessert table and I just love the paper garland. I will never buy streamers again! ever!

I made candy dipped oreos with sprinkles.
Not a big a hit as I thought they would be.

Infact these were the big sellers!
I was surprized that the wheat pretzles were the big hit.

I had originally intended to candy coat the marshmallows as well or chocolate dip them, but I never got that far... exhaustion kicked in and I went to bed. So instead I left them out plain and we had the grill next to the table incase the kids wanted to roast them. None of that happend as well and the kids ate them plain.
Kids surprize me sometimes.

And now for my hugest accomplishment, the cake.

It wasnt perfect, it wasnt even, but it was super cute and a huge hit!! So totally worth the little bit of extra effort.

And those were some of the sweets for my baby's 2nd bday... not a baby anymore.
Time sure does fly by doesnt it.

I'm linking to the parties {HERE}

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Music Moves Me... and YOU!

It's Monday and that means time for...


It's a Freebie week this week... hmmm whats on my mind today?

This one is for me....

and this one reminds me of my sister

Now its your turn, what music moves you?

Hands, Feet and Mouth Oh my!

Wow! What a week.
Aparently the Hands, Foot and Mouth disease is going around this island big time and guess who got it as well... yup my son.

It's been so sad to see the lil boy suffering. Thank goodness he is almost back to himself.

It's also been a week of important decision making and doing what it takes to keep on going. Every so often God tests our faith and our patience and what else can you do than to put your faith in him and belive its all in God's plan.

We got a lot of things partially done over the weekend too, why is it that things only get partially done? Oh well...

But other than that... who else is excited for the return of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution??


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