Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Free Wedding Invites

Did I say FREE wedding invites? Yes I did say FREE wedding invites.

Check out Brenda's Wedding Blog right now for a chance to win a set of custom wedding invites from Precious Invitations

Friday, June 25, 2010

Aloha Friday... Have a Great Weekend!

Something about this photo makes me feel all kinds of emotions.
I think I saw it on The Wedding Chicks I really hope Im giving the right photo credit, if Im not Im sorry!

Enjoy the weekend everyone! 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thrifty Thursday.... TIP

I saw this pix over at The Wedding Chicks
I thought it was so sweet. Made me think of my own wedding day. Its going to be 10 years ago, wow, what a ride its been! At this point I wanted to go back and look at my wedding photos but alas! I dont have any!!! SOB SOB SOB, can I break for a tissue...

Its true. We have no photos of our special day except for our books of proofs which has a huge logo stamped over the center of each and every one of them. I'm sad, very sad.

So, my tip for today is your Photographer is NOT where you want to be thrifty!!! Im not saying that was the problem with my photographer, he was a great photographer. But learn from me, you dont want to look back 10, 15 or even 25 years from now and say I wish I had my wedding photos, like I am right now.

Look for a reputable photographer, someone who has your sense of style and an eye for photography that you can appreciate and work with. Trust me on this, no matter what the cost (within reason) they will be worth every penny! Ask around, get recomendations from your friends, meet with the photographer.
You'll look back one day and thank me.

Now, heres the thrifty part. How about buying the disposable cameras for your tables? Your guests can capture your wedding reception through their eyes. Be prepared for some of your cameras to walk off and to have numerous floor, ceiling or even under the table shots. This route is a shot in the dark but may pay off to get some great guest's point of view pictures. Check out efavormart for some under $3 disposable cameras.

Is there a happy ending to my photoless wedding?? Well this year for our 10 yr wedding anniversary we plan to have a small vow renewal and to make it up I've hired one of the best photographers I know,

(do you see the black and white photo of the lil boy in the right hand corner of her front page?
Yup thats my son!)
Check back for our wedding updates!

DIY headboard.... boring wall inspiration update...

So on Tuesday, I told you all about my boring, blah, blank wall in my bedroom.
I saw a diy project on turning a door into a tufted headboard and wanted that, but then i saw this.....

Brooke over at All Things Thrify has this really great tutorial on how to make this headboard. Tufted headboard out of a door.... completely out the window... HELLO fabric upholstered block headboard!

I love it, wonder if I can convince the hubs to let me do it...????? Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to fabric.com I go!!!

Check out Brooke's blog for more amazing ideas. Check out her week of chairs sooo cute!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vinyl Wall Art... Temporary Insanity Fix

Look at my boring blank wall... It makes me INSANE!

I can't stand it. I keep saying I want to put chunky moulding, I want a headboard, I even bought a pretty rug to hang on the wall, but look at it, its still bare and boring and blah!
(please dont mind the mess)

I see all these crafty ideas and people making things and painting murals and I wonder why cant I be that creative? Well I took a short cut.. I went to Amazon.com and searched vinyl wall decals and found this...


I thought, hey I can put some stickers on the wall without messing it up too badly. So I ordered them and went for it. For $9 you cant go wrong! Ok, so it's not all that crafty but it did take a little bit of imgaination. I didnt plan the layout very well and I was too excited to get it on my wall so here is what I ended up with.

It's not exactly what I want permanently but I dont have a blank, blah wall driving me insane anymore. Because I can peel and stick I'm still moving branches and petals around before I go to bed at night. It made me happy... untill I saw a tutorial on how to make a tufted headboard out of an old door... atleast I have something there while I procrastinate on that headboard idea.

I'm linking up to the CSI project go check them out for REAL crafty work!

Visit thecsiproject.com

Having an outdoor wedding???

I just adore these looks for an outdoor wedding and wanted to share some inspiration.
I love use of the blue dresser for a dessert table. See more here.

And how about this adorable sign in table. You can see more of this french inspired wedding here. 
You have to look at their photos they are AMAZING!!!

And I LOVE this look! I want it in my backyard!
You can see more of this woodland themed wedding here.

All amazing wedding ideas! Inspired to do an outdoor wedding?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thrifty Thursday...

I know I've been MIA recently. I've been really busy at home and work. Were making great progess painting the house and I'm on a mission getting organized and cleaning out our closets for our community garge sale next week Saturday. Ah, so much to do and so little time.

This Thrifty Thursday doesnt include a DIY project, infact its for something you could get completely free!
Head over to Kara's Party Ideas and check out the lovely giveaway she's having.

The sweetest jewlery from Wheat & Wildflowers. I want some for myself so I'm sharing this info with all of you! Go check it out! These are just a couple I'm putting on my wishlist...


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Product Review & GREAT Gift Idea!

I admit it, I'm a wino.

Well, I enjoy my glass of wine when having dinner with friends. On a recent dinner I was introduced to my new friend. The wine aerator.

As soon as I got home I googled it,
found it on Amazon,
and bought it... not one but TWO!

Its an amazing little thing that aerates your wine by the glass. You simply hold the aerator over your glass and pour your wine through it.
 It makes the funniest noise. My hubby even pours me wine now just to hear it make its bubbling noise.
I am being totally honest, it REALLY does change the taste of your wine. It makes it more flavorfull and smoother tasting too.

There are several different brands out there. The Venturi is well known but, I ordered the Magic Decanter because it was cheaper and it does the same thing, looks the same and costs less! Infact, Im pretty bummed out that I went on Amazon today and its even cheaper than when I bought it.
This video is a review of the venturi and shows how to work it, but like I said the Magic Decanter does the same thing for le$$.

I think this is a great gift. For a wedding, FATHER'S day which is coming up very soon or anyone who is a wino like me will totally love this!

I actually contacted Venturi and asked if I could do a product review for them and have a giveaway but they never responde to me. Hey, I wonder if I contact Magic Decanter they'll be up for a giveaway? Keep checking back to see if they do.....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I love this pix, and at iheartfaces the theme of the week is PLAY.


Go check out the other's at play at

Monday, June 7, 2010


A big congrats to Tiff and Buda on their marriage yesterday!

I am so honored to have been a part of it. Everything was beautiful, more pix to be posted soon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thrifty Thursday...

This week's diy idea comes from Celebrations at Home

Very creative favor packaging check them out:

Great for jams, cookies, candies. I especially like the little envelope for the cookies, so simple!

How cute are the tissue paper flowers? You can find all these and instructions from one of my faves, of course, Martha Stewart.

Also, I just have to share this idea from the laides over at eighteen25
Super easy, super cheap and totally cute favor bags or envelopes whatever you want to call them. Honestly it's probably the easiest favor ive seen, 4 steps and done. Fill with a large cookie or whatever, a cd even!

BTW, if anyone can teach me how to link to a site with a word and NOT use the actual link, Im up for lessons! THANKS!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Hump Day...

Wow! This long weekend just FLEW by! And now I cant belive its Wednesday already.
We started to tackle the house this weekend! I feel somewhat accomplished, very tired, excited to keep going and very overwhelmed.
Our house is only 2 years old and the paint on the outside looked absolutely awful. Not to mention I never liked the color. It was a very light blue (not a fan of blue) and when we moved in there was no grass planted. This is how it looked before:

Terrible aint it? Well here is the new color its Behr Anonymous. Look at what a HUGE difference a coat of paint makes...

Here you can see the old and new colors...

I am so thrilled our house is getting a mini facelift. Our trim color is Behr Dark Granite, cant wait to see how it looks after the trim goes on.

And here's my boy, he was such a good boy hanging out in the backyard playing nicely as we painted.

Taking a break this weekend because of lots to do. My husband's birthday is tomorrow, we have friends visiting from Maui, the opening season of OBon starts friday (I'll be working in the food booth!) and a wedding on Sunday. Untill next time....


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