Friday, May 31, 2013

What's on my mind....

It's been over a year since we left our life long home...

I told all of you about our camp residents being evicted about a year and a half ago.
It was a very emotional journey connecting with our roots, our families and fighting for our homes.

We lost the battle, but some think not the war.

Well fast forward to today, and the camp still sits.
Now completely vacant.

All those families evicted out of their homes, and for what?

The land owners bullied them and fought them proving they are the wealthy powerful bloodsuckers and then nothing.

Just think of all those families that could still be living in their homes all this time.

I think of what used to be my home and I have very fond memories, even up until the day we had to leave.
I miss my home, I miss my childhood, I miss the families we had there.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

just the 3 of us

Last summer my dearest friend Charity came back home for a visit.
She is an amazing friend, more like she and her family are a part of our family.
It's been almost a year since we've seen her and we miss her so much!
Not only that but she is also a very talented photographer.
While she was here, we got to take some family photos, just the 3 of us.
It was actually during this shoot that we told her we were expecting, so technically it was the 4 of us. hehe
She captures his perfect smile, that doesnt happen very often!
Honey come home already we miss you!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

sleeping baby

It's been a while since I posted, our house got caught with the sickies.
Luckily the kids had just a slight cold but mama on the other hand, I'm still trying to recover. It's been lingering for over a week now and I've just been exhausted.
I'm just greatful that the kids are better.
And speaking of kids...
Believe it or not, my baby girl is sleeping in the picture below.
Kinda creepy isn't it?
I love how peaceful my kids look when they are sleeping.
I can go into my son's room a dozen times at night after he goes to sleep and just kiss him and watch him sleep.
Other than watching one of his movies thats the only time he's still.
And speaking of sleep... yawn... it's about that time.
Good night y'all.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's day

 I had a wonderful Mother's Day.
I got to sleep in till almost 11am!
My hubby made us breakfast, or should I say brunch since it was sooo late.
He picked out the most beautiful cards, one from him and one from the kids.
I also got a special massage and aromatherapy treatment... hubby done good!!
And I just got to spend the rest of the day with my babies.
The wonderful reason I get to celebrate this day.
My lil angel.... she is such a happy happy soul.
I hope I can make her as happy as I do now in 13 years when she's a crazy teenager.
My crazy lil guy that just amazes me sometimes. He is so loving towards the people he loves, he is attentive to his sister, and although too hyperactive and whiny at times he is too wise for his 4 years of life.
Here he is telling us he needs to check his email.
My mom came over in the afernoon and spend time with her grandkids and me of course.
Then the hubby and I grilled up some steak and potatoes for dinner.
As much as I love being appreciated and doted on during Mother's Day, I cannot forget two things.
One, the mother who gave me life. Who carried me for 9 months, who I depended on for nourishment and support and comfort and who sacrificed to be there for me as I was growing up. Not just my mother but also my grandmother who was a second mom to me.
Secondly, my children and what a blessing from God that they are. Of course without them I could not celebrate Mother's Day but also without them I would not be the person that I am today. I appreciate all they have shown me, the unconditional love, their dependance on me has taught me unselfishness and the miracle of life.
I truly have been blessed and I hope all the mother's out there had a great Mother's Day as well.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

is the doctor in?

I just can't get enough of how well he plays with his little sister and how much she adores her big brother.

Monday, May 6, 2013

i heart my kids

First of all, it still seems strange to me to say kids.
I have kids, as in more than one!
I feel so blessed to have two healthy children.
They are wonderful and wonderful with eachother and I am so lucky.
My little girl absolutely adores her big brother.
She watches his every move and listens and coos when he talks to her.
He eyes light up and she smiles whenever he's near.
My son is so happy everytime he sees his sister smiling.
He is a doting big brother and is always keeping an eye out for his sister.
He's very protective of her.
Even though they are 4 years appart, I can already see that they are close to each other's heart.


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