Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Are you there people? It's me Rhiannon

So unless you've been living under a rock ya'll have been hearing all the talk about GFC going bye bye for non Google Bloggers. I've been pretty much ignoring the fact that March is ahem... seriously in a blink of an eye.

I'm creature of habit, ok, I'll call it what it is I'm lazy!
I don't want to learn another way to follow my blogs. I love that all the blogs I want to read show up on my old school list on my dashboard.
I still havent gotten used to google reader.

Well, change is inevitable and so I must also evolve.
For those of my readers that do not have blogger and for those of you who do I just wanted to let ya'll know that I now am also using Linky Followers so please sign up so you dont miss any of my sporatic ramblings. You'll see the sign up on the sidebar of my page.
Also, who isnt on Pinterest?
I know I am, come follow me too.
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So now that I am ready for the change tomorrow is everyone else??

Monday, February 27, 2012

More on the 3rd Birthday Party

I shared with ya'll how I was having mixed emotions about my baby turning 3.

And then I gave you a little teaser about the party and let ya'll know I survived without any major meltdowns.

Today, I wanted to share a lil about his special day.
I made color block jello which was probably the easiest thing ever.
Note to self, must make again.
(disclaimer: I am not a Jello eater. The texture makes me gag)

First I made one color of jello, poured them into cups and let them set over night.
The next day I went back, made a second color and let it cool and then poured it right over the first color.

I also made my candy dipped pretzles that are always a hit.

They are super easy to make and the kids and adults like it.

Also for favors and treats I baked two different colors of cupcakes, orange and blue.
I put the orange one first into a plastic cup, with orange colored frosting and then a blue cupcake on top with blue frosting.
Then I put a lid on the cup, we tied a spoon with a bow and a little thank you on it as well.

I made veggie cups, again so easy and convenient to people to take.
I'm so doing this from now on!

Other lil goodies for the kids were rolls of M&M's
(left over from the winter wonderland party and totally perfect!)
And lil snack baggies filled with goldfish.

And then as Im uploading all these photos I realized I didnt have any pictures of the cute lil goldfish I had all over the garage and the blue and orange happy birthday pennant banner I had made either!
Ugh... total blogger fail!

All that maters is my lil 3 year old had a fab time with his friends. And hopefully there's always next year!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

3rd birthday

Ok, so I didnt curl up in a ball and cry and I survived my son turning 3.
I still can't belive he's 3!

He had a great time and I'm glad I dont have a garage sale or birthday party or something else I would feel pressure getting ready for.

All he asked for was a pinata which he got.

He loves loves blowing out candles so I was surprized that he didnt ask us to re-light the candles on his cake.

And what kid doesnt love opening presents?
Definately not this one.

I'll post more details about the party later on.
If you follow me on pinterest you'll know we had a goldfish theme.
I wanted to do more with the decorations but of course I ran out of time and had to keep it simple. And either way, no one noticed anything was missing.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mixed emotions...

Tomorrow is my lil guy's 3rd birthday.

Where did the time go?

I am so proud of the little person that he is becoming.

I am also so sad to see less and less of my little baby.

I'm getting ready for his birthday party, just a simple get together for lunch with friends and family on Saturday. How have I gotten to this point and not freaked out yet? I have no clue, plus I had time to play with my newest addition and I even worked on 2 projects around the house!

I'll check in and let you guys know if I enjoy myself or curl up in a ball and cry.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's the Big V Day!

Happy Valentines Day lovies!!

I'm not a big fan of the V-day.

I never saw the purpose of one day a year telling someone how much you love them.
Why not tell them everyday.

Spend triple the amount on flowers that will die in a few days, for the same price you can fill up my car with gas for a month and it would make me happier.

Buy chocolates wrapped in pink or red that will make me bloated and complain about being fat for the next two weeks.

But I have to admit, I dont mind being taken out to dinner or pampered a bit either.

I sent my son off to daycare with some little goodies for his friends this moring.
Not sure what were doing for dinner, but I'm thinking I might make some chocolate mousse for dessert. One of the few dessert items my hubby will eat.
He is not a dessert or sweets person, how we ended up together and have stayed together is beyond me...
(maybe cause I get his dessert too)

Anyways... here's wishing all you a wonderful Valentine's!

I finally got all my supplies to finish another item off my project list of 2012 so be on the look out for that post coming up!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Meet sweet lil Vanilla

A little over a week ago we stopped by the Humane Society to pick up a cat trap to help my mom get rid of some of the stray cats by her house.
I had some paperwork to fill out so I asked the hubs to take the lil guy to check out the cats and dogs to keep him occupied while I finished up.

About 10-15 mins later I went looking for my family but couldn't find them. I went out by the courtyard and I heard this little familiar voice, "Daddy we need to take em home"
I immediately thought, oooohhh great! What is going on?!

I found my boys in a visiting cage with a puppy on my son's lap and he is happily holding and petting her.

It was actually totally adorable and it looked as if my son couldnt be happier than right then and there.
I am not a dog person. I've never had a dog.
I'm a cat person.
He was so gentle and caring and kept saying we have to bring him home.
We let him play with the puppy for a little while and it just touched my heart.
When it was time to leave he carefully put her back in her cage with the rest of her sisters but couldnt stop asking us to bring 'his' puppy home.

We talked about it all weekend long and went back and forth on weather or not to adopt her.
I was NOT going to take care of a pet on top of my two boys and I was definately NOT going to be cleaning up poop!
The following Tuesday we went by just to see if she was still there and she was.
My son lit up with joy and they played together again.

I caved

I knew we had a hectic schedule the next few days so I asked if we could adopt her and come back to get her on Friday and they said yes.

On Friday guess who we brought home.

Somehow this puppy made her way into this cat lovers heart.
And you know what?
I adore her.

It's sooo cute to see her follow my son where ever he goes.
The minute we get up in the morning or come home from work he wants to play with his dog.
We told him he could name her.
He kept saying she's my pet, and we tell him yes she's your pet but she needs a name so he says dog.
After suggesting every name we could come up with out of the blue my son says her name is Vanilla.
How my 2 yr old came up with that one is beyond me!

Of course I said I would NOT pick up poop but for some reason I was the one cleaning the crap up for the first couple of days, and I still do! But atleast the hubby helps.

Her first night with us, we put her in her bed and told her good night.
Then my son tells me to go inside and go to bed and he would stay with her outside.

How can I not just love this?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Wonderland 1st Birthday Party

I know I know I've kept ya'll waiting long enough.

Alright as promised here are some photos from my friend's daughter's 1st birthday party.
Hope you all enjoy them....

BTW, there are so many pictures I have put them into mini collages and this will be the first of two posts.

These were the centerpieces on the tables.

Trying to create a Winter Wonderland feel, they painted branches white and decorated them with ornaments.
There was cardboard cutouts of snowflakes painted white and covered in glitter.

Here's a few close ups of the decorations.

And who do you know has a "Baby Powder Room"
just for babies?

And here are just some of the desserts we made.

Isn't everything soooo pretty so far??

Stay tunned for more...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Soap Scum Killer

About a month ago, Jennifer from Life, Crafts and Whatever posted a miracle recipe.
She called it the Soap Scum Killa.
Ok, so its not really a Miracle but it sure does work like a dream.

I have white shower stalls and no doors just a shower curtain so me taking pictures of that is just pointless. But me sharing this recipe will be life changing.... ok maybe I'm being a tad overly dramatic but you'll love it.

First take two regular household items. Dawn liquid soap and vinegar, equal parts.

Put the vinegar in the microwave for about 1 minute and then add it to the Dawn.

Mix it well together.
It won't smell all that great.
Let it cool slightly before pouring into your spray bottle.

Otherwise you get this....

Yea, it melted, lesson learned.
All you have to do it spray it on let it sit for a bit and then scrub off.
I could never see my soap scum and I scrub my shower once a week.
When I used this concoction I noticed the water bead off the shower stall as if I had just polished it. I also used it on my bathroom sinks and my kitchen sink.
Loved it!

It's a cheap (free if you already have the stuff at home) and you know exactly what's going in it.

I'll be linking up at the parties at the bottom of my page, hope you guys try it out too!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let there be light...

I'm slowly chipping away at my list of Projects for 2012 and one being updating the lighting in my kitchen.

My kitchen has horrible lighting, infact when we moved in there was just a hole above the sink and no light fixture at all.

I picked up these lights on clearance for $7 for a pack of two. We have it in our kitchen, entryway, hallway and bathrooms. It was cheap and served its purpose.

Problem is, the light is really really dark, it doesnt give off enough light.
I always get frustrated washing dishes at night, or prepping food or even just taking blog photos.

I took to the internet for inspiration of course.
Over at the House of Smiths I found a post about her changing her kitchen light.
I loved it, the right look and the right price too.

So I went searching and found this pennant light on Ikea's website and unfortunately they do not sell it online and surprize surprize, we dont have an Ikea here.

Thankfully I found something similar over at Home Depot for $27.99.
And even better the hubby gladly installed it in less than 2 days of sitting on the kitchen counter! Yay!

I love it!! The light is just the right size and it is soooo much brighter in my kitchen now.

I think it was the perfect little project to start with.
It was cheap, fast and easy to do.
Makes me motivated to keep going with my projects, don't you like projects like that?
Lucky I didnt start with my cabinets...


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