Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Breakfast... It's whats for dinner

It's been a LONG day, seriouslly a LONG day.
I didnt plan dinner and I had nothing defrosted.
My friend Julie had mentioned that they were having breakfast for dinner and so I thought to myself,
(in Emeril's voice)
"Self, thats a great idea"

I had just seen this on a blog somewhere and I'm so sorry I cant remember where it was!
Anyways, its French Toast coated with Pancake batter!
Um, hello!?
How can that not be good?

I'll admit it right off the bat.
I - Use - Instant - Pancake - Mix!
Yes, the one where you just add water. Yup, I use that one, the generic brand too.

So I mixed up some batter.
Then added some vanilla, cinnamon and a tub of sweet potato baby food.
Uh huh.
And a little extra water to thin it out a bit.

I dipped my bread just as I would be making regular french toast.
The batter is a bit thicker than the usual so I flipped my bread several times and rolled the edges to make sure it was covered.

I threw em in my pan and cooked em up!

Ok, all I can say is...
Oh... Emm... Gee

I think it might be the texture but this was sooooo friggen yummy!

I fried some vienna sausage (the boy's fav) and eggs to complete the breakfast.
My son absolutely loved it!
When I put his plate infront of him he got all excited and squeeled "pancakes?"

He ate every last bit of his french toast, 4 sausages and 2 eggs.
I love when he cleans his plate.

I think this will definately become something we do more often!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Blues....

Bleh, is it Monday already?
I was hoping to have a productive weekend, but I came down with a cold.
Thank goodness my son isnt sick though.

The hubs took him fishing for a few hours on Saturday so that I could rest.
I should have rested, but I spray painted instead.

Then the hubs comes home tired and grouchy on Sunday... always the same thing when he goes fishing. I told him not to come home until all this gear is washed and he takes a nap.
Then we argue... seriouslly it gets old.

So today I'm at work and still kinda congested. Not to the point that I cant breathe but to the point where when I breathe in and out, my nose makes a whilstling sound!
So it's Monday, oh why do you come so soon?!
And time for....

Lots has been going on in our household lately.
Nothing that I really wanna talk about but lets just say this song sings to me.
(sorry, no pun intended)

Friday, August 26, 2011

As seen by a 2 yr old...

We had our company's 10 year anniversary party last night.
Of course its hard for a 2 yr old to sit still during a dinner so I let my son go around the room with my small camera and take pix to entertain himself.

It was interesting to see what he took pix of.
Here are just some of the highlights minus about a hundred shots of the floor or just a white flash of I have no idea what it was.

Ok and just one shot from mommy's point of view :-)

Yummy delish pies... chocolate peanut butter banana, kauai lime and mac nut rum.
I seem to over endulge too often.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some etsy love....

Stay at Home Mom or Career Woman??

I always say if I knew then what I know now, I would have taken a different career path. Heck I would have taken a different LIFE PATH for that matter.
Don't get me wrong I love my life, it's just I wish it wasnt such a daily struggle sometimes.
Being a mother really changes you, well it did me for sure.

There are days that I wish that I could stay at home with my son and spend the day playing and reading and crafting and cleaning and cooking and blogging.
And then there are days that I love having a career and going to work. (I work in jeans and slippers how can I not like it) I enjoy working with adults and earning my salary.

Choosing to be a stay at home mom is a very personal choice, my choice to be a career woman is primarily because of financial reasons.
(with a $3K mortgage we can't afford only one income)

When I find time to blog, I get so jealous of these stay at home moms doing all these projects and fun things with their kids and having time to blog about it.
And then to top it off you guys mostly live close to each other and have conventions and girls night out!
So J!

I noticed a trend... all 'yall SAHM bloggers are from Utah!
No wonder you guys can get together and you all talk about the DI... something I of course know nothing of! (on the island I live we dont even have Goodwill)

Circle of Moms had an article on Working vs. Stay at Home Moms that I really enjoyed.
(link to article below)

So what is your take on Working vs. Stay at Home?

And just because I can't do a post without any pix... here's my fav time... sleep time.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Is anyone just as excited as I am?

Just asking...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekend Plans...

Yay! It's Aloha Friday!!

(yeah yeah, I know cheezy... but I really do like this version)

Makes me wanna go back to high school, I never went to prom.
Well, we've had a crazy week... no recovering from our long weekend.

Today is statehood day, a state holiday... most people have the day off... I don't.
(my hubby didnt either but he took the day off to watch the lil man)

I was hoping to run to the bank and DMV today, but they're all closed as well!

I'm going to a rehersal tonight for a wedding tomorrow. The bridal party came in on Tuesday and I havent seen the bride since she moved to Cali.

We're looking at some storms headed to Hawaii, which will probably disapear by the time it reaches us, but we'll probably get some ugly weather so going to the beach on Sunday might be out of the question.

What are your plans for this weekend?

I'll leave you with a few extra pix from Kipu

Thursday, August 18, 2011

~ Kipu Kai ~

Kipu Kai is located between Maha'ulepu (South Shore) and Nawiliwili (Central Lihue).
It is privately owned and the land is held in a trust of the late John T. Waterhouse.
When the last of his family (Trustees) pass, the land will be gifted to the State.

Kipu Kai is not accessable to the public. There is a single lane road that leads over the Ha'upu Range and down into Kipu Kai.

(this isnt a great picture taken through the hubs dirty windshield but check out that road! YIKES! you should have seen coming down!)

The beach is like a protective cove between the mountains and is absolutely beautiful. Pictures just do not do it justice!


It's a great fishing spot and the hubs was in heaven.

The scenery is absolutely gorgeous and to have the beach to ourselves amazing!

We are truly so greatful to have had the chance to see this amazing place.

And back to reality coming back over the mountain and seeing civilization.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mama got a new sewing/craft desk... and a front door to match

A while back I picked up a desk from craigslist for $25.
It was solid wood and a steal!
I liked it cause it was nice and long. I figured it would be perfect for my sewing and cricut projects.

I unfortunately dont have a good before pix, if I do, I can't find it.
You can kinda see it {here}  and {here}. You can see in the second post about my growth chart how nice it is to have the long desk with the cricut.

So it started off that pale wood color.
Not working for me.
So I used some left over paint and spruced it up a bit.

(grey from my kitchen walls and the green from my end table)

I also changed the knobs on them from a dull boring plain wood knob to these I picked up from Home Depot for around $1.35 each.
The design reminded me of my new welcome mat.

And now it all goes together and matches my front door.
And yes, thanks to Nikki who pointed out, it seems like my HOA has won this battle... but don't you worry... I will stick it to them again! LOL

We spent a lot of time playing this weekend and just walking away from all our projects. I feel like we are just so behind but it was sooo well worth it to play and have some family time together. Can't wait to tell you guys all about it... a few posts will follow since I took a TON of pix!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Front Door

A while back I painted my front door red.
I painted it red for several reasons.
The whole feng shui thing, the asian thing, I like red... to piss off our HOA.

Since then I've been changing and add thing things, like our new rug in the entry way.
Thing is... the red door doesnt seem to match that much anymore.

One day, completely inspired... BAM!
There I go painting my door again.

I like the green, it seems softer and it matches my end table.

Who put the M in Mondays!

Today is brought to you by the letter M


Friday, August 5, 2011

Korean BBQ and Furikake Salmon

As I was in Costco the other day I saw this gorgeous filet of wild salmon.
It's been a while since I had salmon and couldn't help myself.

I poured some Korean BBQ sauce on the bottom of my pan and rubbed some on top of the salmon as well. I think next time I would skip that step.

Next I smeared some mayonaise on top and sprinkled on furikake.
The BBQ sauce made the mayo hard to spread and it was slipping off, this is why I would omit that step next time.

I have a weakness for furikake, it reminds me of my childhood.

I baked the salmon uncovered for about 25 mins and it came out just perfect!
The Korean BBQ sauce was a bit sweet but it was yum-o!

I'm linking to the parties {Here} and at the bottom of this page!

FYF... Get it together blogger!

Besides my smelly closet that made me discover the leak in my shower... and the fact I had to do the work...
(I wont go there, I just dont have the energy)
My beefs this week is with blogger
BWS tips button

Whats going on?!
I have been having problems posting comments and staying logged in.
Is anyone else having these problems?
I have seen some great stuff and I try and try to comment and share the love but I just can't!
Come on Blogger!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Whats that smell... an update

So.... the work continues since finding that smell in my closet.
I asked my hubby to gather up some tools I would need to cut a hole in the drywall.
Asking him to do something that needs to be done and doesnt have anything to do with fishing is like waiting for it to snow on Kauai.

I ended up with my little craft blade that I use to cut capri sun pouches and I went to work scoring the drywall over and over and over and over again.
Note to self... buy another craft blade.

I finally got an opening in my wall big enough to check under the shower pan to be sure there were no other leaks.

At first glance I thought way cool! It doesnt look wet, maybe we got it.
But upon further investigation what did I see?? Water, ughh....

I got a good look at it looks like its leaking from the drain pipe.

Ok, atleast now I know where its coming from.
Now another trip back to the home depot. I hope I can find someone there that can help me figure the parts I need to change.

I guess I could make it on my own if I had to!
No man needed!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another one??

What to do with this box?
Its a nice box, but kinda small to put anything in it.
I had this in my kitchen forever with pieces of a broken tea cup, swearing that I would glue the pieces back together.
(i still have 4 other cups)

Hmmm... I still got some greenery left over from my other planter....

I filled the bottom up with crumpled newspaper cause I'm cheap thrifty like that.

Cut a piece of cardboard for on top of it.

And went to town with my glue gun.
(Its pretty awsome not working with styrofoam to be honest)

Whoohooo 10 mins later...

Now I have a little something to add to the top of my entertainment center.

I feel weird about using fake plants but I like it.
(and if it were real, I'l probably kill it)

I'm linking with the parties at the bottom of my page and in the Linky Tab up above!

BTW, total cost: $0.00
I used things I already had!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Whats that smell...??

So I've been totally bugging about a musty smell in my closet for a few days.
I've been searching and searching for maybe dirty laundry or something my husband snuck in there or worse yet... a dead rodent... oh God Please dont let it be that.

So the other night, I THOUGHT I was going to take a shower and go to bed early (early means about 10:30) I went into my closet to grab my pjs and there was that smell still there.
As I stepped infront of my lingerie dresser my foot stepped in wet carpet, yes wet carpet.
Oh Gosh, why is my carpet wet?

I started picking up the billion things I had piled on my floor, first an Easter basket full of plastic eggs I still didnt put away. There was mildew on the bottom, WTF?!

I picked up a carboard box of old vintage bottles all wet!

I finally got to the side of the closet.... the worst thing ever! Ok maybe not the worse thing ever, but I was awful! (especially finding it at 10:30 at night) mildew on my drywall!!!!

My husband, gotta love him, he says oh no a pipe in the wall is broken. Ok dear, I'm sure thats what happened because our pipes run in the ceiling NOT the walls. I knew that on the exact opposite side of the wall where it was wet was our shower. Time and time again I kept telling him to make sure the shower curtian is closed when he takes a shower and not to face the shower head at the wall... does he listen? Noooooo

Why do I sound more like the husband? I went into the bathroom and ripped off the baseboard. It felt sooo good. I hated those vinyl baseboards since the day we moved in! Then I pulled back the linoleum whooo hooo, I think I was a little too excited, eh I work for a demo company I can't help it, mass destruction excites me.

I couldnt belive there was a good 1/2" to 1" gap from the floor to the bottom of the drywall! So I'm guessing the water was leaking out of the shower flowing right under that gap and going through to my closet wall! Seriouslly!?

Hopefully you can see that our shower lip is really only about 2 or 3 inches high and if water gets splashed it really leaks out and all over the floor. And the floor, was all wet.

For an immediate and semi temporary fix (since I can't afford to rip out my shower and replace it with a new tile one) I got a splash guard for the corner.
My son rode in the car shopping cart for the first time and LOVED IT!

I honestly don't know why I havent put him in this cart before!
I picked up this huge thing for $20 and installed it very easily.

Because there was a curve in the corner it didnt fit well and didnt adhere to the wall of my shower. So I took some clear caulk and used it on the inside edge.

There we go! It's actually a huge thing in there and keeps all the shower water in the shower! Exactly where I want it!
Even after my boys use the shower.

And even though my shower curtain is pretty sheer you really don't notice it.
Alright so keep stick around for the details on the rest of the repairs, hopefully coming SOON!


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