Wednesday, September 28, 2011

learning the ropes

I'm sort of a self taught sewer.
Is that a word? Looks like sewer as in well, waste.

Anyway, I mean sew-er, cause I aint no seamstress.

This is a good help {here} I love checking out Dana's blog, she has great tutorials, plus a lot of boy stuff.
I also like this one {here} they have a TON of great tutorials as well as a bunch of other fun stuff too.
Besides all the great blogs out there with amazing tutorials that help me along, I also like to go on youtube and watch tutorials.

I came across this one

Does this freak anyone slse out? Or is it just me?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

M4 on a Tuesday...


I know its Tuesday but just because I'm still on my anniversary high from last Friday, I wanted to share these two songs.

The first one I've shared before, it's our wedding song, Rest Of Your Life by Na Leo Pilimehana

This one we had on our wedding video

This one is for my dear, dear friend and his family.
He and I were friends since the 4th grade.
I just heard that his grandfather is on life support and they will be letting him go today.
My prayers go out to his family.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Only my hubby...

Friday was our 11 year wedding anniversary.
My hubby usually doesnt do anything on special occasions.

So when he showed up at my office with a bunch of white giners and some other flowers that he put together for me I was shocked!

Shocked doesnt even describe it but for lack of a better word, thats what I'm going with.

They smelled so good, but that didn't even matter.
What mattered was he went out of his way to put a smile on my face.

What made me laugh... was this:

Only my husband, would hold them all together with a plastic tie strap and then use electrical tape, all stuff I'm guessing he found in his toolbox.
That was super sweet and he gained huge bonus points.

That night we went to Keokis for dinner.

It was very nice and we came home and me, the hubs and the lil guy fell asleep on the livingroom floor.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Entryway table

So quite some time ago, I found a leaf drop table on craigslist with 3 chairs.
(yes I forgot to take before pix)

It had a nice shape to it but I didnt need a dinning table, what I was looking for was an entryway table.
Hmmm... drop leaf.. comes off... hmm... got my diy brain working.

I scooped up this deal for $40.
At best I could use the chairs and maybe re-sell the table.

First I took the table top and the drop down side off with the help of my little assistant of course. 

Then we spent some time sanding her up.
I seriouslly do NOT like sanding, honestly I gave up halfway through and just kinda did a quick sand all over.

I decided to spray the top white and the legs black.
(I just might change my mind and flip the colors)

Or maybe not cause I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed it over and over again.
Maybe it was just spraying white, but it kept looking streakey.

I have this wall that I have been saving for a consol table since we moved in.
Now that the table is there, it looks even more bare!

Of course the house is a work in progress and I eventually plan on redoing the floors, adding a baseboard and if the hubby lets me a chair rail and some moulding.

(you can still see the lines going across the table, but 2 cans later, I was pretty over it)

When I hung the shelves on the wall I had imagined a table being there at some point.  I guess I didnt plan the space very well, but in my defense, its really hard when you only have a pretend table there.

As I always say, its a work in progress...

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Laundry Room Envy....

Is it possible to have laundry room envy?

For those of you who read my blog, you know that I dont have a laundry room and I want one so very much!

Check out these super cute ones on babble like this one...

I spy 3 applicances. I wonder how much laundry they have to do?

Check out other super cute laundry rooms {here}

Monday, September 19, 2011

Flashback of 1978


Yup, 1978.
Today's M4 is songs from the year you were born.

Have a great Monday and Rock on!

Friday, September 16, 2011

V is for Victory

Jenny Matlock

Victory.... just a little one, but its still a victory or a small step in the right direction.

After a call from our sitter that our son had been acting out and wasnt himself, I sat down and talked with her. We talked about how things have been stressful around the house and a bit tense and maybe he had picked up on something going on. Out of the blue he started asking, "Mom are you happy?" which is completely strange for a 2 yr old to be asking.

I sat down with my hubby and we had a talk. I told him how I was feeling.
Things have just gone too far and if its affecting my son, we have to do what it takes to change.
And much to my surprized, he was listening.

On our way home yesterday evening, he turns to me and says, "Hun, when we get home, go take a bath with the boy and I'll cook dinner"
(granted it was just taco meat that needed to be cooked, I was more than thrilled with his offer)
Small steps.
As long as they are steps in the right direction.
Good job hun.

Oh and just to end the week... I got two great news....

1. I was featured over at A Glimpse Inside Alison has a great blog go check it out.

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2. I won a beautiful painting done by a fellow local gal Lindsay over at from the aisle to aloha!

from the aisle to aloha

Her blog is super cute and fun and so is her etsy shop!

Here's to a fresh start with a positive attitude.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

till death do us part? thats a long time

Today I'm joining Shell and pouring my heart out..

In 9 days my hubby and I will celebrate out 11 yr wedding anniversary.

I think saying we hit a rut would be an understatement, I would say more like we hit a dang wall.

Our 'love life' is as stale as a can of soda left open in the fridge for a week.

Our lives have just gotten so busy that we forget the little things.
I very often feel overwhelmed and feel like I've become a single parent because he's not home almost 5 nights a week. I come home and have to put the dishes away from the day before, do the dishes from that day, cook dinner, give my son a bath, feed him dinner and after working ALL day I'm exhaused and become short with him and angry towards him when he's not there to pitch in. And on top of it all dealing with the terrible twos... uggghhh!

I feel like I've lost myself in the cycle of just doing everything day in day out and never having time to do what I like to do or just even having time alone to myself.

Now, lets add the pressure of making ends meet and stressing about our financial situation.

I'm sure these are just normal things that every couple goes through and like always we work through it and it all works out but for the time being I am just having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Dont get me wrong, I love my hubby dearly and couldnt imagine life without him.

Interestingly enough Helen over at I'm living proof that God has a sense of humor shared with everyone a new book called Make Love Not Scrapbooks, By Jen who has a blog called Jen's Love Lessons.

Sounds like a good investment.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Homemade Febreze

I came across a recipe for homemade Febreze a while back while over at The Frugal Girls.

Heather Bea over at Fake it Frugal shared her recipe for the stuff.

I dont use Febreze that often but I sometimes do, the one thing I dont like is the scents they have. So why not try to make some with a scent that I love?

It wa super duper easy, honest.

I went to Walmart and picked out my favorite scent of liquid fabric softener.
I took out an empty spray bottle I had stashed away.

I mixed up just over 1/8 cup of the fabric softner with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and filled the rest of the bottle with tap water.

Thats it.
See it was easy wasnt it?

I sprayed all over the house and my car and now everything has a lovely vanilla scent that I picked out and love.

Go make yourself a bottle too!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Party from Hostess with the Mostess...

Two things really caught my eye.


Check out that chandelier! Soooo cute!



Seriouslly, seeing those plastic balloons made me tingle with warm and fuzzies all over when I saw them.

It reminded me of my childhood where every year my birthday cake had those balloons on them.
I had no fancy party, no fancy cake, no favors and candy bars.

I love how evolved parties have become, but its so nice to remember the bare roots where the neighborhood kids would come over and you would shoot each other with the water hose, eat tuna sandwiches and have dream cake and that was it.

ahhhh... the memories....

Friday, September 9, 2011

U is for Un-freaking-believable...

YES! Un-freaking-believable!

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Is it really September already!?!?
Where is this year going?

I went into Walmart the other day and they had their Halloween stuff out, way to put the pressure on guys, thanks.

I swear as soon as Labor Day hits, all I see are Fall and Halloween decorations and crafts, thanks, thanks for rubbing it in!

Now I'm really starting to have anxiety about Christmas, as if I didnt have enought on my plate.

Also, are you serious people??


This week really flew by on me.
We had a lot going on this week but we did get a lot accomplished, speaking of which one more thing to say Fawk you too....

Damn housing market!

If you read my blog you've hear me rant a few time or so about our mortgage and house, but that's another story.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

what a week!

I have been anxious to share 2 things I got done over the weekend but I have had such a busy week so far that I havent had a chance to work on my post!

Anyway, its coming I promise but until then I just wanted to share a quote I got in an email from a friend of mine, its a nice reminder.

"No one is in charge of your happiness except for you"

Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well... its not that big, tiny infact, but its FREE MONEY $$

(sorry for the crooked pix I just cant fix it no matter what I do. Anyone got photo tips??)

It's free easy money people, how can you turn that down?

If you do any online shopping at all, you have to check it out.

I promise you won't regret it

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day... 70's Edition of MMMM

It's Labor Day and Im off today! Yippie!
The hubs is working though, bummer, so its just me and the boy today.

We had some friends over for a cookout last night and some wine.... lots of wine, to be perfectly honest, I'm a weee bit hanging today.
But we had a great time so its all good.

Monday also brings Monday Music Moves Me!
And CheeeHooo I am the spotlight dance!!

Spotlight Dancers

This week's theme is 70's and I chose this one for, well obvious reasons... enjoy your Labor Day!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

My little fisherman...

Here are more pictures from our day over at Kipu Kai.
My lil boy loves anything fishing.
Look at how proud he is holding just that fish tail! LOL

It's Labor Day weekend and we have no plans... again.

I would like to go down to the beach and take my lil man fishing.
I would also like to finish up some of my projects that are still at about 80% done.
I have one thats just about 95% and I am determined to have it done this weekend.

Things are simmering down in the house, hopefully it stays that way.
I think were all just tired and in dire need of this long weekend!

What are your plans for Labor Day??


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