Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner....

Doesnt that look yummy!

since I have so much gorgeous basil in my garden.

The Pioneer Woman has such a great blog! You have to check out her recepies!
Well she says the pasta is the star of this dish so I didnt want to mess with it... ok I didnt mess with it too much, just a little and can I tell you it was still yummy! Very bright flavors... DEEEE-LISH!

She said the chicken is secondary to this dish so of course I couldnt leave it alone and had to give it my own twist. Instead of her chicken marinade I picked up a bottle of Lawrys Herb & Garlic Marinade. I mixed in eh maybe a tbs of honey and eh maybe 2 tbs of dijon mustard. (I measure like Rachel Ray, a few swizzles around the bowl) I marinated overnight. It was a nice saturday and so I figured I would start up the girll and oops! I forgot my hubby was taking it to a BBQ with 'the boys'. So instead I decided to bake it. The flavors were great and matched the pasta perfectly! Next time I'll definately have to try grilling it.
My girlfriend came over and made her own garlic bread... OMG... that I'll have to save for another post... I'll keep your mouths watering for more...

I'm still alive!

I cant belive its been a whole WEEK since I posted! Its been a crazy week so much going on. My boss has been out of town for two weeks so I've been in charge in the office, whew, I'm so glad I dont own my own business! By the time I come home from work Im so exhaused that I dont have the energy to stay up and prepare my posts for the following day.

We had a great week, I got to work on my dresser... stay posted for the pix, its coming along! My garden is absolutely beautiful with my basil growing like crazy and my one surviving cucumber plant is giving me gorgeous and HUGE cucumbers! I'm loving it!

My son saw this one and said Yum... I hope he still feels that way when he gets served it with dinner ;-)

He is so my child!

Heres a sneek peek at that buffet table turned dresser I've been working on for what seems like forever

Such beautiful details!

And of course last of most certainly not least.... Im so excited I won something! :-)


Fingerprints on the fridge held a CSN giveaway and I cant belive I won! I love CSN Stores, theres soooo much to choose from. I can spend hours browsing their sites. So I have to definately give a shout out to Fingerprints on the Fridge , you have to visit her blog! Its soooo darn cute!
And also a big thaks to CSN Stores also! I'm so excited! As you know I held a giveaway myself a few weeks ago.

Ok lots to post about, so glad to be back!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thifty Thursday ... DIY Butterfly Terrarium from Postcards and Pretties

Photo credit: postcards and pretties

{Postcards and Pretties} have the simplest and cutest diy project for butterfly terrarium centerpices. Check out the details here. Super fast, super simple and oh so cute!
Can you totally see that for an outdoor wedding? Maybe even a girls party or baby shower or bridal shower, the possabilites are endless. Change it up for a beach scene or a beach wedding.

Go check them out and give them some blog love.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Monday...........

Hey since you're here why dont you....

It was a busy weekend, and definately not the last! Summer isnt near over yet and we still have a wedding, a groomsmen bbq, girls night out, family reunion, my hubby's going off island to a fishing tournament and I've got a TON of projects just barely started.

Yes, we have kind of a crazy life but we love it. Like my ode to Kate? hehehe. I love her and Im sure some of you are rolling your eyes right about now, but she's real. She messes up and we all see it. There's no sugar coating with her and although I dont agree with everything she says or does, I like thats shes crazy and loud and she definately shows her emotions. Makes me feel normal I guess and appreciate all that I have.

This past weekend was so tiring. My husband left as soon as we got home from work on Friday to spend the weekend fishing for a tournament. Part of me missed him and part of me enjoyed having the bed to myself and no one to argue with and a lot of me envied him. He gets to do so much and I have the mother/wife/house duties to tend to. Tell me do us mothers acutally ever get a break??? No seriouslly do tell me!

Of all weekends for him to be gone and leave me with a WILD, strong minded, waaayyy to independant 17 month old boy was one busy weekend. We had a birthday party on Sat day, a graduation on Sat night, Baby Shower on Sunday and a birthday party also! Whew! Ok I knew we wouldnt be able to do it all and I didnt stress myself out trying to figure out how we would. I just braced myself and did what we could. All in all we had a nice weekend and just when I thought I'd call next weekend as MY weekend, my hubby announces that he's having a groomsmen get together. Poof AGAIN, there goes any time to myself. So like I said its a crazy life but its our life. I might complain but I wouldnt trade it for anything in the world!

Ok enough of my ramblings. How do you like these buttons I have in this post? I found them at Shabby Blogs. Ive been searching the internet to find ideas for a new look for my blog and thought these were so cute. Go on over and check out her cute designs.

Until the next post....

Friday, July 16, 2010


I went to random.org and used their true random generator, sorry I dont know how to copy the actual one but... we have a winner! The winner of the CSN Stores giveaway is comment #2 CViado! Congratulations! I'll email you with the details. I hope you'll share with us how you used your gift certificate. Thank you all who became followers and participated in my first giveaway. There will be more to come I promise!

I would like to also give a big thank you to CSN Stores for their generosity. I do hope you all check out theirs stores, they have over 200!!! Lots of great stuff!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thrifty Thursday.... BIG Impact... Small Price

Having an outdoor wedding? Check out these coctail tables from The Party Dress

I love the look of the glow and its super simple to do. All you do is add a lantern or candle under the table for a big WOW factor. They explain that lighter color linnens work best obviouslly.
Super Simple Super great look!

A New Life for frames

So last week Friday I posted about these pix frames I picked up at a liquidation store here.
I saw a tutorial on All Things Thrifty on glazing furniture and I loved the look of it. Had to try it out!
So here is how the frames started out

I didnt buy them for the pix itself, although still in great shape, it came from a hotel and I dont need to be reminded of a place I worked years ago. I thought the frame had nice details and great potential.

So I took it appart and started to sand them and 5 mins later I gave up. I was over it! Sanding was way to tedious especially in those little crevaces. So I just put a coat of primer on it.

Then I took to the spray paint. Key Lime Green!

I'll be honest, my dad and my husband was very aprehensive. You dont even want to know the words my dad used to describe the color. LOL. I assured them that it wasnt going to look that way when I was finished.
So, now for the glazing part. The guy that helped us in the paint section of Home Depot had no idea what glazing was and said they didnt have any. I know they would have at Ace but I wasnt about to make another stop so I picked up some ebony wood stain. I painted it on and wiped it off just like how Brooke advises on her tutuorial. And drum roll please....


I was so happy with the way it turned out I didnt even put a pix in the frame before I took these pix.

Thanks Brooke for the inspiration and the easy to follow tutorial!

I'm linking up to:

Visit thecsiproject.com


Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lights... Camera.... Action!

Have you entered the giveaway yet?

Go on over here to enter!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Find... check these bad boys out...

I picked up these pix frames at Island Liquidators the other day.

They're in great shape even the matting is looking good. Guess how much... go ahead guess... they were $10 each! I think with a little paint maybe some glazing to bring out the details, oh and of course MY FAMILY pix in them instead of the orchids and I can love them on my empty bedroom wall.

This one is even BIGGER! I got her for $15 and shes HUGE, seriouslly. She comes up to my hip!
I'm gonna turn this one into my little project, check back to see what I turned them into!


Have you had a chance to take a look at yesterday's post about my entryway redo? The hardest part is always the little details. Like our house numbers, can you see them in the pix? We liked them as soon as we saw them but they were $7 each number, $7 DOLLARS my goodness!!! We passed on them the first time and well... as you can see went back to them in the end and splurged the $7 each and we love them. It was well worth it. The other thing was our light. The house came with this funky pineapple light, which wasnt that bad except it did nothing for me, it really wasnt my taste. So our quest for lights was on. Everytime we stopped at Home Depot I checked out their selection of outdoor lights. I wasnt that impressed, especially for the price. I wish someone had told me about this place http://www.csnlighting.com/ before!

They have hundreds and hundreds, infact THOUSANDS of lights to choose from. And they have amazing prices starting at just $5! I couldnt belive my eyes I was like in lighting heaven!

Well, lucky for me I still have my back patio to re-do and have have two lights that need to be replaced. They're old school globes and one of them is cracked. I'm really liking the
but I'm kinda thinking more of a country or nautical feel for the back patio.
They have soooo many choices I dont know what to pick! I honestly have been browsing their site for almost a week now.

So here is it, the long awaited GIVEAWAY!!! I'm very excited about my very first giveaway and I'm honored to have CSN Stores participating.
They are generouslly giving a $30 gift certificate to one of my readers!

So here's how to win this awsome gift certificate.
Entry #1 (Required) go to CSN Lighting and pick an item you have to have and tell me what it is you would use your $30 gift certificate for if you win.
for additonal entries (PLEASE participate, it helps to spread the word)
1. Become a follower (leave a seperate comment)
2. Facebook, Blog or Tweet about this giveaway and include a link back here (leave a sperate comment for this also)
I really like this one also!

*EXTRA ENTRY* tell me what light fixture you think I should use for my back patio redo

Thats 4 entries possable. Contest will be open untill next Wednesday and winner will be announced on Thursday July 15th.

Here's your chance to update that lighting fixture you've been putting off, GOOD LUCK!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Entryway Redo... its a work in progress

Here we are about a month after we moved into our home.

No grass, no landscaping, I never liked the paint and whats up with the pineapple light fixture? I did however put up a screen door as soon as possable.

Well its been a long 2 1/2 year project, and I can safely say it'll probably still be on going. Thats what its like when you are a homeowner!
 I planted grass... plug by every little darn plug! We put up bamboo border and filled it with rock, not just any rock but crushed recycled concrete. I like the look of the mixed colors and the fact that we went green by using a recycled product. We have been painting the house which seems like an over month long project as I posted here. And we finally decided on a new light fixture and house numbers. You can all sympathize with me if you've ever shopped our ONE and ONLY choice for home improvement the beloved Home Depot.

Yea thats how we roll.
(my hubs painting this past weekend)

And here it is! Im happy.... for now!

It still needs some adjusting and some little touches but its way better than it was 2 1/2 years ago!

Im sure there will be a future post updating the progress on this project.

Decor Mamma
inspired room

Well since I missed the link up to the csi project, damn EST!!! here are the parties I'm linking up to...

The DIY Show Off


Sumo's Sweet StuffSumo's Sweet Stuff




Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thrifty Thursday on a Wednesday...

I'm going to share my Thrifty Thursday on a Wednesday because I would like to reveal my home's makeover in progress tomorrow. Slowly but surely its getting there.

So, here is my diy for the day: Paper cones.
Take a look here at this farmers market flower cones. I love the look of the butcher paper and the flowers.
For instructions go to Postcards and Pretties

But dont stop there! Your options are limitless. Use scrapbook paper for a variety of looks. You can use them for petals for the flower toss, for decorations or like Martha Stewart did in a candy bar...
(love me some candy bar)

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Happy Crafting!!!


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