Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I just started follwing this new wedding blog

super cute idea especially for those locals out there, check it out. Wedding of Tim & Camille, they had guests sign a surfboard!

How cool is that!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Color, Color and MORE Color....

Did you know that the wedding trend of the season is COLORS!

Color is popping up everywhere at weddings this season. Gone are the days of shades of white and pastels. Brides are choosing bold colors that show off their personalities.

You can add color just about anywhere get creative; for instance here are a few of my fav boquets done by a local florist on Kauai. Mr. Flowers on the North Shore of Kauai.

Thanks Charity for the tip!

Check out his website at

Another option is choosing a single color bouquet in a contrasting color to your bridesmaids dresses like '' shows here

You can add color to the details of your dress.....

Hows this for a cute and a little daring but subtle pop of color to your wedding day attire; 'wedding paper divas' shares

this photo of colored shoes.... sooooo cute!

Table decorations are a great blank palet to use your imagination. What colors go with the season, whats fresh in season as far as flowers or fruit, theres no rule saying you cant use frest fruit and veggies on your tables!

How about your bridesmaids dresses. I saw a photo of a wedding where each bridesmaid wore a different color of the rainbow, it was beautiful!

This photo is from 'savy scoop' check out their blog for more great pix of this wedding

search for Josh and Arlena

Dont be afraid or shy, show your own personal style and remember the sky is the limit!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

February Wedding in beautiful Kokee

This is the most recent couple i had the honor of marrying. I've known the groom since he was in elementary school and to see him grow into a man and marry a beautiful woman was amazing to me. One of the more emotional ceremonies I peformed. They have a timeless love, wonderful personalities and come on they're gorgeous!

and a blog is born....

Welcome to Weddings by Rhiannon.....

Yes, an idea has finally come to life. I figured by starting this blog I'd become accountable to stay on it and so a blog is born.

Let me introduce myself...

I'm a carefree girl, a mother, a wife, a hopeless romantic, a tough girl, independant woman and a complete fool when it comes to the 'awwwww' factor.

I love flowers, bows, lace, cake, weddings, family I love ♥ love ♥

Although a spiritual person myself, I am a non-denominational minister that will perform your wedding the way you want it no one else.

I provide basic wedding ceremonies, ceremonies that involve children, customized ceremonies and a few ceremonial (ie: sand, lei exchange, unity candles, etc) but most important I can provide you with a blank page for you to completely customize YOUR ceremony to reflect YOU.

Its YOUR special day, and I'd love to make it happen!


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