Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You want me to eat what?

A few Sunday's ago I had the chance to catch up with some old friends when we gathered for a baby shower.

We had a nice time eating and catching up, the kids played, nothing too over the top.

So when I saw this article on Seriouslly Disturbing Cakes I just didnt know what to say!
Personally I would be traumatized and NOT want to have a baby anymore!

Check them out, they are apparently all the rage now????
I don't get it, maybe I'm too old...(fashioned)

This one though I thought was really cute


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Congrats M&C!!

As some of you may know, besides my 1000 job duties working full time for a demolition company, being a mom, a wife, a homemaker, crafter, begining seamstress.... maid, chef, etc...

I also do weddings, I am a wedding officient.
This past weekend I got to perform a wedding for some friends of mine.
I was so happy to be a part of it!

They have been together for as long as I have been married, so it's about darn time they finally got hitched!

They wanted a really quick wedding and I have to say it was the fastest ceremony I have ever performed!
Everything was gorgeous!
The ceremony was held at Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens and if you ever have the chance to visit you MUST!

The bride and groom looked great and so happy!
Congrats to you both!

photo by Sheila Morales

Isn't that a great pix!
Done by my mother-in-law

Monday, April 23, 2012

updating hanging baskets

A while ago I put up these hanging baskets.
They have definately prettied up a rather plain backyard.

But it has been quite some time and the coco liners in them have definately seen better days.

Yikes not very pretty anymore, and the flowers werent growing so well either.
The potting soil was very hard, I'm sure making for not happy plants.

Yikes they look awful.

No, need for new hanging baskets, I got some new liners for $1.08 from Walmart.

Taking the old ones out was a dirty task, they were so brittle.
But I got them out and kept the flowers.
I put the new liners in and they already look good as new!

Put in some potting soil.

And then I replanted the flowers that were in there.
I had impatients growing and the great thing about them is you can break off a stem and stick it back in the soil and they will grow again!
That's the kind of plants that I like!

I gave them a good watering and hoping they do great in their new homes.
Wow, looking so much better!

Cost for each hanging basket - $1.08 plus tax
Total project cost - $5.62


Friday, April 20, 2012

My kitchen faves!

Centsational Girl is having a super fun Favorite Kitchen Gadgets {Linky Party}
It looked like so much fun I had to join in.

My Kitchen MUST-haves....

Absolute must have in my kitchen, this thing gets used almost daily!

This Crock Pot is a life saver at times!

I cannot even explain how amazing this dutch oven is from Costco and I scored and got it for $27.97

I also can't get enough of these Pampered Chef bamboo spoons!
They're great! (in the tune of Tony the Tiger)
They don't stain and they are easy to clean and they don't scratch any of my pans.

This little guy is great and looks so fancy schmancy when your girlfriends come over.

When baking I will not even attempt it without first my Pampered Chef Mixing Batter Bowl

(mine is just a sunbeam and it works just fine)

and speaking of kitchen gadgets I have to include my


I would love to have one of these babies...

Yes, I would kill for one of these

I would make pesto for everything if I had a food processor.

I'm not exactly sure why I havent picked up one of these yet.

Maybe my husband sees this post somehow and gets me something off my wish list for Mother's Day. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Gardening

So I mentioned last Friday about getting fit and being more active, boy I didnt know what I was saying at the time!

Saturday was a beautiful day and we all got out in the yard and worked hard!
First off we have our garden box right under our kitchen window.
It has provided us with gorgeous veggies for our table as well as family time planting and cleaning.

Check out the cucumber from 2 years ago...

I know, so wrong right?

Well it also has been a source for dust and dirty kitchen screens for some time and lets not forget the new puppy in the backyard... someone didnt give me the memo that they CHEW EVERYTHING!!!!!!

First we had to move most of my plants into pots and the hubby made a bench to put them on that I told you guys about here.
So since then we've been left with an empty planter box and a nice place for the dog to get all dirty!! It was time to go.

We dug out all the dirt and kept it on the side since it was good dirt.
I need to replant my hanging baskets soon, like 6 months ago soon. haha
When we pulled out the wood we found this against the house.... yuck!

It reminded me of when we were young we would put salt on slugs and watch them melt.
So you know what we did right?

We told the lil guy we were going to do an experiment.
We gave him salt and had him pour it on the slug and watch it melt.
He was sooo excited to do a 'sperment'

Vanilla was sure curious too.
My son watched intently on what would happen next.

Well, what happend was he was occupied long enough for us to finish leveling the ground where we took out the garden box and then we decided to move his toy box in that spot.
While we were at it, I also finished painting the trim around the window.

Again another project we started oohh... 2 years ago.


I plugged some grass in the bare spots around the toy box and hopefully they fill in quickly.
Also the bald spot we left taking up the toy box.
Grass... let me tell you will be the bain of my existence!!!

We worked hard and took a nice little nap but our work didnt stop there!
My mom called on her way to work and asked if we had time she wanted the hubby to mow her lawn as well. Well when the lil guy got up from his nap we packed up the truck and went down to her house.
I used the lawn mower for the first time.
Yes, I've never mowed the lawn before.
Sorry no pictures... that is one look I do not want floating around the internet!

Saturday was a great and productive day!
And I sweat my butt off!


Friday, April 13, 2012

yes... that dreaded topic!

This New Year's I found a lot of people had resolutions to get fit or loose weight.
I gave up on that idea a long time ago, but I did want to get back into shape and be more active.

I want her behind....

And Carrie's legs would be nice too!

Well, last night I was feeling particularly bloated from a day of over indulging and I did something terrible... I jumped on the scale!

Why did I have to go and do that!?
It got me thinking I have less than 2 months to get into bathing suit shape for our BIG family vacay!

Ok, time to kick my butt into gear!

This weekend I plan on getting in my yard, working hard and sweating!

If its nice and sunny I would love to take my boys and the dog to the beach, maybe swim off some pounds!

Clock starts today 50 days till vacay can I do it?

Oh yea and remember my lamp project?
I'm FINALLY done and I've actually been enjoying my lamp for about a week now.
I must get my post done so I can show all of you.

Hope you guys have a great weekend, what are your plans?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

I hope you have been following all that is going on with the Plantation camp that I grew up in and where my mom still lives.

I havent given an update recently and I plan to, sorry.
There has been so much and its been such a long and emotionally draining ride.

Either way we wanted to have what was possibly our last family gathering at our family home.

It turned out to be a cold and rainy day, we didnt get to go outside and hide eggs but we made the best of it and had a great Easter.

This was the first year I made my son an Easter basket.
I figured he was too young in the past and it's just not what Easter is really about.

He loved his basket and I kept it really simple.

His faves were the Spiderman watch and the box of egg dying supplies.
I dont know what they're called... I personally made a confession on my FB page that I cannot dye eggs. I wish I could enjoy it but I just can't my OCD makes me crazy sometimes!

Of course grandma to the rescue, she just loves dying Easter eggs.

She belives that kids should be allowed to play and make a mess and have fun.
I guess thats what grandmas are for... what the heck happened to me?

I do have to admit right when they come out of the little cups they look so beautiful.

Then, I'd like to know what happens?

Oh and don't even get me started on Easter grass! Yikes!
I cannot stand when I step on them on the floor!

Well.... enough of that.
We had tons and tons of food!

How beautiful is that!
And of course a few local favorites as well.

And thats just some of the stuff we picked on before we had a late lunch early dinner of turkey, stuffing, rice, gravy, roast beef, salad... my head is already spinning.

To top off the night, my son was out cold, sleeping in his own bed by 8:30!
Yay! Mommy and Daddy could clean up our kitchen, take out the trash and fold laundry as we watched GCB!

Hope you all had a great Easter as well!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

hello april

March has definately proven to be a tough month.

I'm surprized ya'll are still around... thanks :-)
All I can say is Thank God its over.

The last week of the month, the hubby wasnt home not a single day (sad face)
I love being a mother but sometimes it gets to be so overwhelming when I have to do everything on my own.
This was pretty much how every day went:

I leave the house with my son by 6:30 am
Drop him at my dads by 7:05 ish
Be at work by 7:15
Work till 4:15 - 4:30
Pick up my son
Get home about 5:30
Start dinner, let my son out to play with the dog, 5 mins later run out to break up a fight with my son and the dog. Continue dinner.

10 mins later break up another fight between my son and the dog.
Swear the hubby under my breath for getting the darn dog.

Come back to cooking dinner, turn on the heater, but dishes away from the night before, wash home lunch dishes.
Go outside and break up the last fight between the dog and my son and demand he come back in the house now.

Give him a snack, continue with dinner.
Get him in the tub about 7
Dinner at 7:15 ish
Fight with my son that he needs to eat his food and he will NOT have saimen for dinner again.
Swear the hubby under my breath for being so damn picky and his son being the same way.

Finish my dinner clean up the dishes, son finishes his dinner and I clean up his dishes and its already about 8:00
Play time for a little while, swear the hubby under my breath a few more times for not being around.
8:45 (I know I know its late but I cant do it all) get ready for bed, my son starts to wind down and then the hubby gets home and he's up again wanting to play with daddy... and then my night ends once again at midnight...
I - NEED - A - VACAY!!!

My exhaustion from the last 2 weeks is bigger than calgone can ever take away.

Well, its a new day and a new month and I have plans to try my best to stay stress free.
I said TRY.

Also, have ya'll heard the news about Instagram being available for Android users?
Um, Yes! Hello!! It's about time!
So excited (squel)
I first found out about it from Kevin and Amanda over on her FB page.

Speaking of FB come on and follow me there and while you're at it you can follow me on twitter and Instagram too now.
(user name is RhiannonMariko)

So I'm even more excited to take part in.... Photo A Day April!

Come and join in the fun too!

Well, here's to hopefully getting back into the swing of things!


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