Wednesday, December 18, 2013

**GIVEAWAY ALERT** Cause I'm totally lame

Yup, you read that right.
I'm lame AND I have something to giveaway, like right now!
I posted almost a year a go a spoiler alert that I had tried this new product.
I tried it just before the baby was born.
My mom kept giving me a hard time about using special soap for the baby and I have used Purex detergent and fabric softener for years and even when my first born was a baby.
I was not going to buy a separate detergent AND then wash the baby's clothes in a separate wash either!
Well I got this sample from the great people over at Purex.
I tried it on a huge load of baby clothes after my baby shower.
Just add to the wash like you would with any other Crystals product.
I like that it is Hypoallergenic, Dye Free and natural.
As always I am not disappointed with Purex.
I liked the smell although it did seem a little strong at first.
I guess depending on how you feel about putting your baby in heavily scented items of clothing. I liked that it smelled sweet and fresh and clean for a long time. It seemed to me the scent for the Crystal's for Baby lasted longer than the other scents.
Now I am using the Crystals for baby on all our clothes.
Ok, sooooo here's the good part!
I have THREE coupons for a FREE sample for you guys!
The catch is, and part of the reason I am so lame is that I was supposed to do this post, well like forever ago. Now here I sit writing this on December 18th freaking out cause these expire on 12/31 and I want to give them to someone!!
So if you want to score yourself a FREE sample of the New Purex Crystals for Baby, lets take a chance here and I wanna mail these out IMMEDIATELY and you have to get to your nearest Walmart IMMEDIATELY and redeem them.
I am going to give the first 3 people who comment on this post.
YES, the first three so hurry up and leave me a comment that includes your email so that I can contact you for your address.
Ready.... Set... GO!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

its all about what matters most

A while back I was reading {this} post from the sweet Erika of Life Unfluffed.
I could totally relate to what she was saying.
 4 years ago, my life as I knew it changed.
That was when I had my first born.
I somehow found an article from Baby Center titled
42 things that change when you have a baby.

I struggled at first with so many changes and it helped me to get through my  new life becoming a mother.

My friendships changed.
My daily routine changed.
I got less sleep.
I got less alone time.
I got a lot less husband and wife alone time!
Now we have 2 children.

I cannot imagine my crazy life any way else.

I love my children as crazy as they make me.

I crawl into my son's bed at night when he's sleeping and stroke his hair and kiss his cheek and I'm amazed at the little human he has become.
I'm so proud to hear him count and write his name and problem solve. When he is loving to his sister I know that he feels loved. The pride in my heart when he creeps up quietly when I am feeding his sister and gently kisses her on the head is undescribeable.

I hold my baby in my arms before putting her down in her crib at night just a little bit longer knowing she isn't going to stay a baby for long. The joy I feelwhen my baby girl takes her first 5 steps towards me and says mama, there are no words.

I terribly miss sleeping in or not waking up in the middle of the night to nurse, yes I she is still waking up! (Uggh)

But the feeling of being a mother, only a mother knows.

I feel so blessed to have two amazing human beings that are a part of me and my husband.

So just as Erika said in her post, I too feel sorry for this woman who doesn't know yet the feeling of unconditional love when your child needs you and you need your child.


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