Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shower Caddy

Have you ever given much thought to your shower caddy? It’s always been a must in my shower and it’s always bothered me. Not to the point where it nags at my brain and I obsess over it, but the design just never seemed right to me.

Here are my thoughts:

First of all, I enjoy one of those shower heads, you know the handheld ones and I like mine extra long too so you can bathe a baby in the tub as well. But the tube thingie (very technical word there) that attaches to he head and the wall, always gets in the way when you have a shower caddy!

Secondly that little bit of post-drip (another really technical term) that happens when you turn the shower off always gets my soap all wet and mushy over time and it drips soap residue down the side of my shower wall. Makes me nuts!

What is a girl to do?!

Im not into the floor to ceiling type of caddy like this one for some reason, it doesn’t seem sturdy enough and I’d be the first to stub my toe on it and make it come crashing down.

Tension Shower Caddy-2


Then of course the fab Allison over at the House of Hepworths pinned this…

{House of Hepworths Pinterst}

You guys have to click it to see!! I’m not giving it away!

I saw it and was like, DUH!

Why wouldn’t it work?


So, following her advise, now I have this….

shower caddy1a

I don’t bang my arms against my shower caddy when I shampoo my hair, my soap doesn’t get all mushy, I don’t have soapy runny stains down the shower and on my shower faucet and I can finally look at getting one of those shower heads.



We totally used that tip and look, here is our shower caddy, still close and convenient, just across the shower on the other wall!

shower caddy2a

You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find a darn hook!

Kmart, none… Walmart… none, Home Depot… not the right size either!

Finally found just the right one at Ace Hardware.

shower caddy4a

I can’t believe what an easy fix it was. And it was rejuvenating for me since its been a while since I did any kind of project.

shower caddy3a

Its been about a week since we moved the caddy to the opposite wall of the shower and I really do like it, sometimes it’s the easiest fix that makes the biggest difference.

Thanks guys for sticking around… things are changing around here and I’ve got a few posts getting ready to go…. Big Announcement coming up as well!

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