Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Almost down for the count!

So, yes, just as I’m getting back into the swing of things, I get knocked back down!

Two weeks ago, I stop into GNC with my dad and son to pick up some vitamins and supplements for them.

When we’re checking out the boys behind the counter (I say boys because they were obviously younger than me) suggestive sold me some Papaya Enzyme. They said it’s great for your digestive system. Well, gullible me I’m thinking… hmmm I could use a healthy digestive system especially with the pregnancy and prenatal vitamins. Let’s be honest, if you’ve been pregnant you know how backed up you can get!

Long story short I ended up in the hospital with preterm labor just 2 days later.

fetal monitoring

Just a day short of 25 weeks this was not a good time to go into labor.

We spent several hours in labor and delivery but had the greatest nurses to keep me calm and rested and hydrated. Not to mention starved all I could eat was jello… and lucky me they only had this flavor and I’m allergic to red food coloring.


After 2 doses of meds they stopped the contractions but I was still having some pain and cramping.

They sent me home on bed rest for a week. I thought that was going to be the longest week ever but I was so sore that I literally stayed in bed for the first 2 days miserable.

bed rest

Besides the tv this was my view.

I began to realize that I was quite gassy and hmmm… smelling of papayas!

I stopped taking the papaya enzyme immediately and by Saturday I was feeling tons better. I Googled papaya enzyme and low and behold one of the possible side effects is gas pains, cramping and preterm labor!

I went to my dr’s for a check up a few days later and yup, I got scolded!

Taking the papaya enzyme while pregnant is a big NO NO! Which is interesting since I know 2 women who have taken papaya enzyme during their pregnancy.

Well its been almost 2 weeks since the little incident and I’m back to normal. No more supplements for me for the rest of this pregnancy!

Which reminds me, it’s definitely time for a baby bump update!

Stay tuned guys




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Jessica said...

Tsk tsk! I'm glad you're home with no more preterm labor; that's scary stuff.


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