Friday, June 29, 2012

{Second Chance to Dream} Guest Post

Hey guys!
While I was away on vacation Barb was sweet enough to guest post for me so that ya'll would still be entertained while I was gone.
Well thanks to technology, or maybe my lack of understanding it, none of my guests posts got published!
I was super bummed especially since I had a couple of great posts.
So anyway, Barb's post is finally making it's debut!

Hope you all enjoy her post! I love her pergola swing!!
She totally needs to make one for me too!
Thanks Barb again.... take it away!

Hi! I'm Barb Camp from Second Chance to Dream. I want to say Thank You to Rhiannon for having me here today.
A little about me, I'm a wife of 34 years, a mom to 6 kids ages 33-13, 3 married and 3 still at home. I have 3 grandchildren.  I'm a life coach who wants to encourage women to live their dreams and passions and help them to grow creatively as well as spiritually. Stop on over and check out my blog Second Chance to Dream.
My project today is  a pair of DIY All Weather Pillows.
  My husband made me a beautiful pergola swing.  You can see it here which I LOVE!!!  I wanted some fun pillows for it.  I wanted some that if they got wet, wouldn't take forever to dry.  I thought I'd try a vinyl table cloth after I saw a really fun one at Walmart.   
To begin gather your supplies:
Note:  I first did this project with a glue gun, but it doesn't work well  with the vinyl.  So take out the glue gun and add a sewing machine.
I spread the tablecloth out and laid my pillow out to measure where to cut.  I then cut what I needed.  The next step is to sew up the sides and slide the pillow form in.  I am including a couple good tutorials on how to make it an envelope pillow.Here is a video on how to make an envelope pillow.  Or here is a blog that shares a good tutorial.  
These both took less than 30 min. to make and I have some fun pillows for my new swing.
Thanks again Rhiannon for allowing me to guest post.
If you enjoyed this tutorial why don't you come on over to Second Chance to Dream to say Hi! Or can subscribe via Facebook, RSS Feed or Email.


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Natalie said...

What a fantastic idea and the colours are gorgeous xxx Nat


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