Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The ongoing shower saga...

I haven't only been too busy to blog, but we have been so busy, we still have not gotten to work on our shower project.
Almost 2 year to the date (August 1, 2011) I posted about finding a major leak in my master shower. (please excuse the lack of pictures, I don't know where they went)
We'll it's embarrasing to admit but it has taken us 2 years to finally get our butts in gear and get started on the demo. Yesterday we FINALLY pulled up our sleeves, ok fine, not we, my hubby worked his butt off to get the shower stall cut out.
It was actually a bit of a big job and he had to stop every time the baby fell asleep as her room is right next to this bathroom.

But we finally got it done and where was once a crappy leaking shower is now a big hole.

Now that should get our butts in gear to put in a new shower!
We're debating between putting in a shower pan and then tiling the walls or to try our hand at a thing we saw on diy called goof proof showers.
Anyone got any suggestions?


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Jessica said...

I've never heard of goof proof showers so I can't offer my opinion on that, although if it seemed like it really was goof proof I'd probably go for it. Did you figure out why it was leaking once everything was out?


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