Monday, August 1, 2011

Whats that smell...??

So I've been totally bugging about a musty smell in my closet for a few days.
I've been searching and searching for maybe dirty laundry or something my husband snuck in there or worse yet... a dead rodent... oh God Please dont let it be that.

So the other night, I THOUGHT I was going to take a shower and go to bed early (early means about 10:30) I went into my closet to grab my pjs and there was that smell still there.
As I stepped infront of my lingerie dresser my foot stepped in wet carpet, yes wet carpet.
Oh Gosh, why is my carpet wet?

I started picking up the billion things I had piled on my floor, first an Easter basket full of plastic eggs I still didnt put away. There was mildew on the bottom, WTF?!

I picked up a carboard box of old vintage bottles all wet!

I finally got to the side of the closet.... the worst thing ever! Ok maybe not the worse thing ever, but I was awful! (especially finding it at 10:30 at night) mildew on my drywall!!!!

My husband, gotta love him, he says oh no a pipe in the wall is broken. Ok dear, I'm sure thats what happened because our pipes run in the ceiling NOT the walls. I knew that on the exact opposite side of the wall where it was wet was our shower. Time and time again I kept telling him to make sure the shower curtian is closed when he takes a shower and not to face the shower head at the wall... does he listen? Noooooo

Why do I sound more like the husband? I went into the bathroom and ripped off the baseboard. It felt sooo good. I hated those vinyl baseboards since the day we moved in! Then I pulled back the linoleum whooo hooo, I think I was a little too excited, eh I work for a demo company I can't help it, mass destruction excites me.

I couldnt belive there was a good 1/2" to 1" gap from the floor to the bottom of the drywall! So I'm guessing the water was leaking out of the shower flowing right under that gap and going through to my closet wall! Seriouslly!?

Hopefully you can see that our shower lip is really only about 2 or 3 inches high and if water gets splashed it really leaks out and all over the floor. And the floor, was all wet.

For an immediate and semi temporary fix (since I can't afford to rip out my shower and replace it with a new tile one) I got a splash guard for the corner.
My son rode in the car shopping cart for the first time and LOVED IT!

I honestly don't know why I havent put him in this cart before!
I picked up this huge thing for $20 and installed it very easily.

Because there was a curve in the corner it didnt fit well and didnt adhere to the wall of my shower. So I took some clear caulk and used it on the inside edge.

There we go! It's actually a huge thing in there and keeps all the shower water in the shower! Exactly where I want it!
Even after my boys use the shower.

And even though my shower curtain is pretty sheer you really don't notice it.
Alright so keep stick around for the details on the rest of the repairs, hopefully coming SOON!


Jessica said...

That sucks. I expect water problems in my house because it was built in 1968, but isn't yours pretty new? I'd be annoyed if I paid for a new house and found that the builder did a crappy job in multiple areas. I'm glad you found a cheap fix for now, I didn't even know those splash guards existed. And your son is getting so big!

Patty said...

Way to go taking care of that yourself!! My husband would have shrugged and gone back to his computer.


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