Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Product Review & GREAT Gift Idea!

I admit it, I'm a wino.

Well, I enjoy my glass of wine when having dinner with friends. On a recent dinner I was introduced to my new friend. The wine aerator.

As soon as I got home I googled it,
found it on Amazon,
and bought it... not one but TWO!

Its an amazing little thing that aerates your wine by the glass. You simply hold the aerator over your glass and pour your wine through it.
 It makes the funniest noise. My hubby even pours me wine now just to hear it make its bubbling noise.
I am being totally honest, it REALLY does change the taste of your wine. It makes it more flavorfull and smoother tasting too.

There are several different brands out there. The Venturi is well known but, I ordered the Magic Decanter because it was cheaper and it does the same thing, looks the same and costs less! Infact, Im pretty bummed out that I went on Amazon today and its even cheaper than when I bought it.
This video is a review of the venturi and shows how to work it, but like I said the Magic Decanter does the same thing for le$$.

I think this is a great gift. For a wedding, FATHER'S day which is coming up very soon or anyone who is a wino like me will totally love this!

I actually contacted Venturi and asked if I could do a product review for them and have a giveaway but they never responde to me. Hey, I wonder if I contact Magic Decanter they'll be up for a giveaway? Keep checking back to see if they do.....

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited to recieve the ones I ordered in the mail!! I got my dad one for fathers day. I'll keep you posted on what he thought of it as he is a huge wino! :) Chris


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