Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let there be light...

I'm slowly chipping away at my list of Projects for 2012 and one being updating the lighting in my kitchen.

My kitchen has horrible lighting, infact when we moved in there was just a hole above the sink and no light fixture at all.

I picked up these lights on clearance for $7 for a pack of two. We have it in our kitchen, entryway, hallway and bathrooms. It was cheap and served its purpose.

Problem is, the light is really really dark, it doesnt give off enough light.
I always get frustrated washing dishes at night, or prepping food or even just taking blog photos.

I took to the internet for inspiration of course.
Over at the House of Smiths I found a post about her changing her kitchen light.
I loved it, the right look and the right price too.

So I went searching and found this pennant light on Ikea's website and unfortunately they do not sell it online and surprize surprize, we dont have an Ikea here.

Thankfully I found something similar over at Home Depot for $27.99.
And even better the hubby gladly installed it in less than 2 days of sitting on the kitchen counter! Yay!

I love it!! The light is just the right size and it is soooo much brighter in my kitchen now.

I think it was the perfect little project to start with.
It was cheap, fast and easy to do.
Makes me motivated to keep going with my projects, don't you like projects like that?
Lucky I didnt start with my cabinets...


Jessica said...

Looks great! And hooray for projects that don't sit around for forever waiting to be finished!

Meg said...

What a cute fixture! I love the shape of the light. Congrats to hubs for getting up before the week was over! ;)

Its So Very Cheri said...

This is Cheri from Its So Very Cheri and The DIY Club. I have signed up to follow you and would love to have you come over and follow me at Its So Very Cheri.



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