Friday, February 10, 2012

Meet sweet lil Vanilla

A little over a week ago we stopped by the Humane Society to pick up a cat trap to help my mom get rid of some of the stray cats by her house.
I had some paperwork to fill out so I asked the hubs to take the lil guy to check out the cats and dogs to keep him occupied while I finished up.

About 10-15 mins later I went looking for my family but couldn't find them. I went out by the courtyard and I heard this little familiar voice, "Daddy we need to take em home"
I immediately thought, oooohhh great! What is going on?!

I found my boys in a visiting cage with a puppy on my son's lap and he is happily holding and petting her.

It was actually totally adorable and it looked as if my son couldnt be happier than right then and there.
I am not a dog person. I've never had a dog.
I'm a cat person.
He was so gentle and caring and kept saying we have to bring him home.
We let him play with the puppy for a little while and it just touched my heart.
When it was time to leave he carefully put her back in her cage with the rest of her sisters but couldnt stop asking us to bring 'his' puppy home.

We talked about it all weekend long and went back and forth on weather or not to adopt her.
I was NOT going to take care of a pet on top of my two boys and I was definately NOT going to be cleaning up poop!
The following Tuesday we went by just to see if she was still there and she was.
My son lit up with joy and they played together again.

I caved

I knew we had a hectic schedule the next few days so I asked if we could adopt her and come back to get her on Friday and they said yes.

On Friday guess who we brought home.

Somehow this puppy made her way into this cat lovers heart.
And you know what?
I adore her.

It's sooo cute to see her follow my son where ever he goes.
The minute we get up in the morning or come home from work he wants to play with his dog.
We told him he could name her.
He kept saying she's my pet, and we tell him yes she's your pet but she needs a name so he says dog.
After suggesting every name we could come up with out of the blue my son says her name is Vanilla.
How my 2 yr old came up with that one is beyond me!

Of course I said I would NOT pick up poop but for some reason I was the one cleaning the crap up for the first couple of days, and I still do! But atleast the hubby helps.

Her first night with us, we put her in her bed and told her good night.
Then my son tells me to go inside and go to bed and he would stay with her outside.

How can I not just love this?


Jessica said...

Aww, how cute! The name is great, too. I'm with you on the no cleaning up poop--we currently don't have any dogs and that's a big part of why we won't be getting any more for a looong time.

Carli said...

Adorable! Do you know what kid of puppy she is? We've been looking all week for a puppy for my kids and yours is just tooooo cute! Like you, we've never had a dog before only cats, but rather than have any other children we've decided to get a dog.

Congrats on your new addition!

Solomon & Lehua said...

absolutely adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

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