Friday, January 27, 2012

I love my bloggy friends!!!

Here is just one more reason that I just love this blogging community.

It's kinda a my mother's cousin's brothers girlfriend's aunt who work with her uncle's grandma's classmate from grammar school kind of story.

It begins like this...

The CSI Project has it's weekly challenges.


This week's challenge was Window Treatments.

I have been having the hardest time to figure out what kind of window treatment to do in my kitchen. As you know I am determined to redo my kitchen this year as part of my projects for 2012.

A while back I book marked {this} post from Domestically Speaking who got the idea from Little Green Notebook. Love, love the idea and I still might do it yet.

Well, I thought, especially where I live, if I glue the fabric to the blinds how am I gonna take them off to wash, cause EVERYTHING gets dusty here. So I put that project to the side.
I brainstormed different ideas for curtians for the window above my kitchen sink. I kept going back to the idea of roman shades.

Today, I came across the most amazing idea yet and there are a ton of amazing ideas out there! Ok, maybe not the most amazing one but it was totally what I was looking for!

 So I was checking out the CSI Project for some window treatment inspiration and I came accross this Faux Roman Shades by Sam over at The Junk House
who got the idea from Tatertots and Jello from her post on Faux Roman Shades who got the idea from Faux Roman shade tutorial from Imparting Grace.

Are you guys still with me??

Well... can you guess what I'll be doing as soon as I order my fabric??

I'm so excited to tackle this project!


Jenny said...

Ha! What a cute post! Love your logic! And I even followed it!

Helene said...

Those are super cute!! I wish I had your talent! I can't wait to see how they turn out when you're done!!!

Sam @ The Junk House said...

Your "mother's cousin's brothers girlfriend's aunt who work with her uncle's grandma's classmate from grammar school" reference made me laugh!

I can't wait to see how yours turn out! I love mine and I'm sure you'll love yours too!


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