Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Christmas

I am a Grinch.
There I said it.

I dont like Christmas.
Correction, I didnt like Christmas, now it's growing on me.

I guess things change when you have a child and see the joy in their face that Christmas brings.

After putting up our tree, he layed under it looking at the lights for the longest time!

He got to visit with his cousin Emily who visited from Oahu.
He was so happy and they played so well.
(so was mommy & daddy cause we got to visit with lil Em's mommy & daddy too)

After Emily went back home, Talon asked for her for almost a week!

The hubs and the lil guy got to go fishing with Emily and her family too while mommy stayed home to finish her baking and gift wrapping and delivering.

We got a Christmas countdown calendar from our friends, but the boy is not even 3 so he still cant get the concept of count down.
On Christmas morning he woke up to this and was so patient and waited till we said he could open his gifts to rip into them.

He played with his train from his grandma (my mother in law) and it totally kept him entertained and out of the kitchen.

Mommy quickly made some fried potatoes, baccon, eggs (boiled is both my boys favs) and mini pancakes just as grandma arrived. (my mom)

The lil guy loved his breakfast, probably more than anyone of us.

Then we spent the next hour letting him open his gifts.
It was so enjoyable seeing all the excitement and his eyes light up.

(my mom)

Around lunch we went to my in law's house for lunch/dinner there and gifts as well.

My friend who gave me the Christmas countdown also made these ornaments for us. There was three in all. This one, a snowflake and an angel.
They are gorgeous and if anyone wants any hit me up.
She makes cards, albums and all kinds of other items.
I'm trying to get her to open an etsy shop.

Finally I got around to giving you our Christmas wrap up.
Hope you all had a good one.

Stay tunned for the best Christmas gift ever that I mentioned before.


Jessica said...

It looks like he's really enjoying that train! Glad you had a fun Christmas, and those ornaments are beautiful.

Missy said...

What a great Christmas you had! Glad it was so nice. Thanks for your comment at Helene's place yesterday - I know - isn't DTF the craziest?

Meddie said... cute! We all had a great time visiting with you folks too. Wish the kids got to see each other more often. Btw, that breakfast looks yummy!


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