Friday, May 18, 2012

fishing tales

The hubs entered a fishing tournament this past weekend and if you follow me on instagram you probably saw who took his spot in our bed while he was gone.

We had a nice time just the two of us this past weekend even though I was fighting off a cold.

Daddy came home on Sunday and cleaned up and took my lil guy with him to the weigh-ins which gave me some much needed down time alone in a quiet, peaceful house.

Perfect for getting my rest, except....
I had a long overdue project that I just couldn't ignore anymore so out came the sewing machine.

I'll share the details on what I made later (here's a hint) but when my boys came home from the weigh ins lookie lookie what they brought home with them.

Dinner AND cash!
Now thats what I'm taking about!

Apparently that fish won him 1st place in that category, yea baby.


Jessica said...

Congrats to your hubs on the win! Always great to make a hobby profitable.

Hmm, 46x40...a shade? A seat cushion? Can't wait to see whatever it is all done!

Sam @ The Junk House said...

Dinner and Money! Congrats to the hubs! My boyfriend just bought a boat, so now he's out fishing every time he can sneak off to the lake!


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