Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a new begining

Whew, this past weekend came and went way too fast.
Yesterday,  I felt refreshed and renewed even if I didnt rest one second.
I talked previouslly about the evictions my mom was facing.
The residents held a Mahalo Party on Sunday for the community that stood behind them and supported them.
It was a beautiful day. We told stories about growing up there and how simple life was back then. How happy, safe and secure we all felt.
We had a number of very talented musician's who lived in the camp perform.
Our neighbors, they arent just neighbors, they are our family.
Then, on Monday morning, they went to court.
It's been a long and hard fight. Sunday was fun and emotional all at the same time.
Part of me feels like it's not over yet. Just the hardest part is over.
I am so greatful for the chance to grow up in a place like the camp.
You can't understand how it truly is, unless you've lived it.
I am sad that the children today will never experience life in the camp, dissapointed that my son will not experience the life I had, the life my mom had growing up.
Growing up we had a sense of community, Ohana.
We were respectful to our elders.
We were resourceful.
You didn't hear of idiots putting their children in washing machines on spin cycle!!!
What is this world coming to!?!

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Jessica said...

I miss the sense of community I had growing up, too. While I'm probably too overprotective to send my kids over to someone's house to play, it was nice knowing all the neighbors and all the kids in the neighborhood. I'm hoping someday I can find that kind of community again.

I still hope that something can be done to save the camp. To me, when you compare a historical area to a new subdivision of prefab houses, it's a no-brainer.


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