Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ho'onani - to make beautiful

My Aunt is a wonderful lady, love her to pieces.
She is so thoughtful.
This past Christmas she bought herself a necklace from a co-worker of her's that makes jewlery. She was wearing it one day and my mom pointed it out to me and I thought it was a little snowman.

Cute thing aint it? It's not a snowman. It's a Kagami Mochi.
Kagami Mochi is a traditional Japanese New Year's decoration. It is used to bring good luck and fortune in the New Year.
Below is what it traditionally looks like when it is sold in mass production.
It is made from 2 mochi (rice cakes) a small one in placed on top of a larger one.
A daidai, a bitter orange is placed on top of the two mochi.
Sometimes they are placed on Konbu (kelp) or a mirror.
They are kept in the house until the second saturday where it is broken, never cut with a knife, and shared with the family.

How's that for a quick little bit of history of my culture.
(yes I am part Japanese)

Well I'll give you one guess who has the most thoughtful Aunty who got her one of her very own.



Of course when I wear it I get asked if its a snowman too, but then it gives me the chance to explain its meaning and share a bit of my culture.

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tiani said...

i've never seen that made into a pendant....i love it!!!


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