Thursday, May 10, 2012

Play kitchen Pt. 2

Ok... Ok.
I admit it's been a year, yup a year since I first started this project.
I'm a bad blogger sometimes.
A year ago, we made my lil guy his own play kitchen.
Dont think that I made my son go a whole year without his play kitchen, he's actually gotten a ton of use out of it and loves it.

But over time, it has also become just something else to pile things on top of it and under it making that corner of my living room look like a hurricane hit it.

Shameful I know.

I painted it a light grey that matched my walls.
You already saw that the hubby attached a faucet for $5 and the sink, aka room service plate cover, for $1.50.
I used red paint that I painted circles for burners, the paint I already had on hand.
My son had all of his kitchen accessories, the micro, the frying pan was an oldie the pot holder he stole from our kitchen and we never got it back.

Just the other weekend I had some free time to myself and an extra half a yard of fabric so I sewed a seem along the edges and a small pocket for a tension rod.

What a difference, I don't know why it took me so long to complete!
I just love that all his mess is now hiding behind that pretty curtain!

Alright so are we keeping a tally here?
From my last post about the play kitchen we were at $6.50.
I bought a can of grey spray paint - $4.00 approx
gorgeous Waverly Fabric - $7.00 actually left over from another project
Total cost: $ 17.50

I say we have a winner winner chicken dinner!

Thanks for checking it out I'll be linking to the parties at the bottom of my page!

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Marie said...

That is a wonderful idea. My kids have been wanting a kitchen and I really wanted to get them one,but with all the toys that are barely used taking up way too much space, I didn't buy one. Setting up something like you have is by far the best option!


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