Friday, December 21, 2012

What ever happened to Christmas being the most wonderful time of the year??


I know that I have admitted in the past that I am a Christmas Grinch. I have been changing my ways, I really have.

Even though it was like pulling teeth and I would rather have pulled my teeth out than have to nag at my hubby to spend 5 minutes to take some of our Christmas decorations out of the attic, I had a fun time with my lil man putting out decorations.

christmas countdown

We didn’t take down all the decorations this year only one box and no lights on the house this year either. All I can think about it having to spend the time taking them down and packing them away just weeks before the baby is due.

I even did my best at keeping my OCD in check and I let my son decorate the tree with very little help. I sometimes sit on my couch and look at the tree and see two ornaments hanging too close to each other and I want to move them so bad, but I let it go. I’m so proud of myself.

christmas tree

Still all I can think is, what is so damn jolly about this time of the year?

I don’t know if it’s the hormones, or exhaustion, or stress, or all of it put together but I just want to skip the holidays all together!

Everything is rush rush and its so commercialized, how do we get back to the real meaning of the season?

I’ve been so busy at work and then going to the hospital to visit my grandma every day after work and then rushing home to cook dinner and do our night time routine and then do it all over again! I have had NO time or energy to do my Christmas shopping. This is the last weekend before Christmas and instead of helping out my hubs is going to ride with his friends, just great, thanks! I told my hubs from last week, I need his help with the shopping and well… I won’t even go there.

So this year, we’re not doing Christmas… if I get the chance to do my baking, I will, if not, oh well.

I don’t even feel bad for not having anything ready or having the time or energy to put into Christmas, is that bad??

How about you guys? Are ya’ll ready for Christmas?

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Jessica said...

I am mostly ready for Christmas. I wrapped all my gifts last night and will put bows and tags on them tonight.

I think part of the not feeling into Christmas is because there's such a build up, and because it goes on for so long. When the stores have Christmas decorations out in August I think it's easy to get burnt out.


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