Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm still alive!

I cant belive its been a whole WEEK since I posted! Its been a crazy week so much going on. My boss has been out of town for two weeks so I've been in charge in the office, whew, I'm so glad I dont own my own business! By the time I come home from work Im so exhaused that I dont have the energy to stay up and prepare my posts for the following day.

We had a great week, I got to work on my dresser... stay posted for the pix, its coming along! My garden is absolutely beautiful with my basil growing like crazy and my one surviving cucumber plant is giving me gorgeous and HUGE cucumbers! I'm loving it!

My son saw this one and said Yum... I hope he still feels that way when he gets served it with dinner ;-)

He is so my child!

Heres a sneek peek at that buffet table turned dresser I've been working on for what seems like forever

Such beautiful details!

And of course last of most certainly not least.... Im so excited I won something! :-)


Fingerprints on the fridge held a CSN giveaway and I cant belive I won! I love CSN Stores, theres soooo much to choose from. I can spend hours browsing their sites. So I have to definately give a shout out to Fingerprints on the Fridge , you have to visit her blog! Its soooo darn cute!
And also a big thaks to CSN Stores also! I'm so excited! As you know I held a giveaway myself a few weeks ago.

Ok lots to post about, so glad to be back!


Mandi said...

I the preview for the dresser.... I cant wait to see it when its all done!

cviado said...

It looks fantastic and the color is just right for the room! love it :)


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