Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Monday...........

Hey since you're here why dont you....

It was a busy weekend, and definately not the last! Summer isnt near over yet and we still have a wedding, a groomsmen bbq, girls night out, family reunion, my hubby's going off island to a fishing tournament and I've got a TON of projects just barely started.

Yes, we have kind of a crazy life but we love it. Like my ode to Kate? hehehe. I love her and Im sure some of you are rolling your eyes right about now, but she's real. She messes up and we all see it. There's no sugar coating with her and although I dont agree with everything she says or does, I like thats shes crazy and loud and she definately shows her emotions. Makes me feel normal I guess and appreciate all that I have.

This past weekend was so tiring. My husband left as soon as we got home from work on Friday to spend the weekend fishing for a tournament. Part of me missed him and part of me enjoyed having the bed to myself and no one to argue with and a lot of me envied him. He gets to do so much and I have the mother/wife/house duties to tend to. Tell me do us mothers acutally ever get a break??? No seriouslly do tell me!

Of all weekends for him to be gone and leave me with a WILD, strong minded, waaayyy to independant 17 month old boy was one busy weekend. We had a birthday party on Sat day, a graduation on Sat night, Baby Shower on Sunday and a birthday party also! Whew! Ok I knew we wouldnt be able to do it all and I didnt stress myself out trying to figure out how we would. I just braced myself and did what we could. All in all we had a nice weekend and just when I thought I'd call next weekend as MY weekend, my hubby announces that he's having a groomsmen get together. Poof AGAIN, there goes any time to myself. So like I said its a crazy life but its our life. I might complain but I wouldnt trade it for anything in the world!

Ok enough of my ramblings. How do you like these buttons I have in this post? I found them at Shabby Blogs. Ive been searching the internet to find ideas for a new look for my blog and thought these were so cute. Go on over and check out her cute designs.

Until the next post....

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