Monday, September 12, 2011

Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Party from Hostess with the Mostess...

Two things really caught my eye.


Check out that chandelier! Soooo cute!



Seriouslly, seeing those plastic balloons made me tingle with warm and fuzzies all over when I saw them.

It reminded me of my childhood where every year my birthday cake had those balloons on them.
I had no fancy party, no fancy cake, no favors and candy bars.

I love how evolved parties have become, but its so nice to remember the bare roots where the neighborhood kids would come over and you would shoot each other with the water hose, eat tuna sandwiches and have dream cake and that was it.

ahhhh... the memories....

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Helene said...

That chandelier is adorable!!! And I do love the simplicity of those cupcakes. I go all out every year for my kids, esp with the cakes, that sometimes it's just downright outrageous!

And the YouTube video with Jason Lee you left in your comment had me doubled over in laughter!!! OMG, that was too funny! I had no idea there was black caulk or that it came in many shades. Next time I go to Home Depot, I'm tempted to go up to someone and ask them, "I'm tired of white you have any black caulk?"


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