Wednesday, September 14, 2011

till death do us part? thats a long time

Today I'm joining Shell and pouring my heart out..

In 9 days my hubby and I will celebrate out 11 yr wedding anniversary.

I think saying we hit a rut would be an understatement, I would say more like we hit a dang wall.

Our 'love life' is as stale as a can of soda left open in the fridge for a week.

Our lives have just gotten so busy that we forget the little things.
I very often feel overwhelmed and feel like I've become a single parent because he's not home almost 5 nights a week. I come home and have to put the dishes away from the day before, do the dishes from that day, cook dinner, give my son a bath, feed him dinner and after working ALL day I'm exhaused and become short with him and angry towards him when he's not there to pitch in. And on top of it all dealing with the terrible twos... uggghhh!

I feel like I've lost myself in the cycle of just doing everything day in day out and never having time to do what I like to do or just even having time alone to myself.

Now, lets add the pressure of making ends meet and stressing about our financial situation.

I'm sure these are just normal things that every couple goes through and like always we work through it and it all works out but for the time being I am just having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Dont get me wrong, I love my hubby dearly and couldnt imagine life without him.

Interestingly enough Helen over at I'm living proof that God has a sense of humor shared with everyone a new book called Make Love Not Scrapbooks, By Jen who has a blog called Jen's Love Lessons.

Sounds like a good investment.


Helene said...

I know all too well what you're dealing with. And it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

That's why I'm really enjoying the left me feeling very encouraged and like even the smallest thing can make a difference. It's hard to say "thank you" and "I really appreciate you" when you're so overwhelmed and resentful but I'm going to work on that.

I'm guilty of not being positive enough...I tend to focus on the negative things or the things Tim doesn't do well enough (or up to my standards, anyway).

So I guess all we can do is take baby steps forward and hope they meet us halfway. It sounds like a date night might be a good start for you, if you can manage it. I know sometimes for us it's nice to have just 2-3 hours away from the kids where you can relax and just hold hands without being interrupted!!!

Xmas Dolly said...

Thanks for stopping by, and as far as your probs well I personally think the first thing you have to do get some me time. You have to love you first before you can love anyone else. Hubby & I have been married 12 yrs. this December, but we don't have babies to contend with either, but I was married before & had four children. They do take their toll on you, but YO Heads up Girlfriend how'd they get here. Go out & do something different dye your hair, get a new negligee something you would never wear before. I was told many times hubby wants a wife around the house, but a whore in bed. GO FOR THE GUSTO BABY! Sorry, if I got out of line, but it's only my opinion. Good luck sweetie. Saying I love you a lot works too. Don't be stingy with it.

Shell said...

I think all marriages go thru this... or at least, that is what I'm going to choose to believe. It's impossible to keep up that totally "perfect" love, isn't it? We just have to push thru.

Impulsive Addict said...

Girl, I hear you loud and clear! I was the wife who said I would NEVER stay at home and then hubby asked me to give it a try. I'm still not stay at home material and I feel like my job is 24 hours a day and I get bitter when he's not around to help me too.

Me time is very important. Make sure you do that! It's for your sanity!!!

Kelly Marsh said...

Wow! I think we are the same person!! My son is 2, my hubs & I both work (teachers) and my husband coaches 3 different sports. That means practice every night, meets & tournaments at least once a week if not more & conferences, meetings, etc. We had a date night last night while the son stayed with my parents & it was great - until today when we were at each other's throats over the same stupid crap! We will celebrate our 10th Anniversary in May and I'm hoping we can survive the next 10 years. Keep your chin up!


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