Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I see the light at the end of the tunnel...

Yes, as you have noticed I have been very absent.
For those of you who stick by me, I appologize.

It's the Holidays and besides working my butt off for year end financials, I have decided to spend whatever free time with my family.

We had a wonderful Christmas and hope you all did as well.
I didn't feel overwhelmed since I did get a head start this year shopping and stashing.
I am determined to keep doing this every year, it has been such a HUGE relief!

I have a big exciting announcement to make about the bestest Christmas gift ever!!
(no I am not pregnant)

The days are flying by and thank goodness, I cant wait for another long weekend with my family.

I have always been taught that you start the new year fresh and clean.
So you have to give up your grudges, forgive your enemies and clean the house!
Saturday we're planning just that. (Especially since we skipped it this past weekend)

Well, back to work I go... wishing all of you a happy and safe new year!
I'll see you all in 2012!


1 comment:

Jessica said...

Can't wait for your gift announcement! I'm glad you had a good Christmas, and I like the idea of cleaning the house to bring in the new year. Maybe I can talk B into doing some scrubbing on Saturday.


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