Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My most favorite dressing

I know Thanksgiving is so last week (or even the week before), but I just have to share this recipe with ya'll. It's even great for Christmas dinner.

One of my most favorite things about any holiday is my grandma's stuffing, which I have learned is actually dressing not stuffing.

Every holiday we would have her stuffing and I would pick on it from the stove top long before our meal was ready to be served. I love it!

A few years ago, she taught me how to make it.
It never comes out exactly how she makes it, I think she has just the right grandma touch.
Either that or she's not giving me the whole recipie.

We have to start with 2 loaves of white bread, the cheap stuff is fine and were gonna put them out 2 days before to dry out and get stale.

Then you take that bag of turkey innards out and salt some water and boil the heck out of them.

While that is boiling chop a half an onion.

Then take all the goodies out of the pot and chop them up pretty fine as well.
YES, you will be adding all those turkey insides!
Just trust me on this one.

Add it to your bowl of chopped onion and while youre at it throw in 2 stalks of chopped celery as well.

And chop up some olives.

Now take your stale bread and wet it with water. Just wet it till moist if there is extra water squeeze it out over the sink, we dont want the bread too wet.

Then add in all the veggies, 3-4 eggs, salt and pepper to taste and chop up a couple of chili peppers to make it exciting too.

Get a large pan or wok and put some oil in it and let it get hot.

Now throw your dressing mix in and cook it till it dries up a little bit.

Then you freak out and remember that you forgot to add in the flat parsley!!
Rush to your chopping board and cut it up, make sure it's FLAT parsley, if you use any other you won't get the right flavor.

Ok throw it in and mix it up really fast and hope its not too late!

Easy Peasy!
When it's done you have warm delish old fashioned grandma's dressing!

Try not to eat it all before you serve your holiday meal.

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Christina said...

mmmm looks so good!! But I've never used the insides of the turkey...guess I have to be more adventurous!! And I've never called it "dressing"...it's always "stuffing" in my book :)

Emily said...

oh yum! Would love for you to come over to my tasty Tuesday party and link up! Link back to my blog so I can feature you!!! http://nap-timecreations.blogspot.com/2011/12/guest-post-adventured-in-dinner-and.html


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