Monday, March 5, 2012

a day of rest and rain

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen this picture below.

Saturday night was my husband's neice's first birthday party and if you know how the locals here do it, you know what a big deal a first birthday is.

Prepring potato mac salad

It was a ton of work and there were so many helping hands.
Luckily everything worked out, because we have a major storm on our hands right now.

Before we left for the party my lil guy took a few minutes to rock out.

I sure hope he learns how to play one day.
I'm not at all musical.
Anyway, about that storm... it's really bad.
We got home on Saturday night and the tent we had up for the contractor to was building our patio had collapsed from all the rain.
The tent frame crumbled and bent, we're in mourning.
(darn thing cost a pretty penny... 23,000 pennies actually)

We had to spend the day inside and we just had to spend the entire day in our pjs and of course have some hot cocoa to keep warm.

And of course left over party food for breakfast!!
What else is there to do on a stormy day? EAT!

20 minutes away at my mom's house things weren't going as well.
They live in a flood zone and boy did it flood!
Remember I told you about my mom's house?

How about a before & after shot.

Her neighbors came over as well since they got flooded too.

I thought this picture was classic. I told her atleast the flood should help you get rid of those strays that keep hanging out by your house, maybe not....

Today the rain continues and roads and bridges are closed and a portions of the highway has completely collapsed.

Please pray for everyone here on Kauai for more news you can check out Hawaii News Now
or search Koloa Flood on youtube.


Yvette said...

Wow those pictures of the house are crazy. I like Kepa's god like pose too. I hope this stops soon...I'm freezing!

Alicia said...

Oh man!! I hear it's raining like crazy there! My sister lives on Oahu, and my nephew just posted on FB how all the windows just rattled from the storm!!


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