Monday, March 12, 2012

White Bean, Green Chile & Chicken Stew

Sorry for the absence recently and thanks for sticking around!
I wanted to share this recipe with you because not only was it good, but my hubby also liked it!
And YES I was VERY supprized!

It was a perfect set the crock pot in the morning, go to work and have dinner ready when we got home. It was warm and cozy and also perfect timing with all the storms were having over here.
I got the recipe from

I put the chicken, white beans, green chiles, one onion chopped and a can of chicken broth a dash of salt and cumin in the crockpot before leaving for work one day.

When I got home I took out some of the broth and tossed it out, I'm assuming I could have kept it for another similar recipe. I spooned out about 1/3 of the beans and put it into a blender.

I beat the beans until it was a sort of smooth consistency.
Then I pulled the chicken out of the crock pot and removed the skin and bones and shreaded the meat.

I put the shreaded chicken back into the crock pot.

And the bean mixture from the blender as well. This thickened it up very well.

I sat and thought it definately needs some dinner rolls but I didn't have any!
I did have some left over hot dog buns so i buttered it up on both sides and threw them in a pan.

Would you belive it was delish!!
AMAZING and I'm not joking! I would have this over and over again any day over a dinner roll. My son and my hubby would have eaten only the hot dog buns had I allowed them to!

This recipe passed with flying colors.
Kid tested, husband tested and mother approved!
It tastes like a chimichanga in a bowl.

Next time I'm making extra and keeping some on the side to make a chimichanga casserole with tortillas.

I'll be linking up to the parties at the bottom of my page and I hope ya'll try this one!
It's definately a keeper!!


Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

Love any recipe that involves a side of bread! :) Please link up to Foodie Friday

Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

I'm so happy you stopped by! thank you for linking up. Come back this Friday!

Claire said...

Looks yummy-following you from finding fabulous-stop by for a visit!


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