Thursday, April 14, 2011

Play Kitchen Pt. 1

So by now, you all must have seen all those fab Pottery Barn inspired play kitchens everyone is doing all over blogland. Of course I have to have one too... I mean my son has to have one.

But I'm on a serious budget, so...
I've been keeping my eye out at garge sales and craigslist for a desk or tv stand thats cheap. Yea going that way sure is dragging the project on for way longer than I wanted to but it was totally worth it.

I almost go to the point of cutting up our desk I posted about {here}
nothing special, not even something that works, we never use that desk so thats why I figured I'd chop it up. Well on Saturday my aunty called me on her way to the dump and said she's got pieces of their desk that she would give me if I wanted... YES!!!

The very next day the hubby started chopping it up and using what pieces he could.

Of course he had his little helper. He put a ledger that what its called???.. on the back of one set of shelves and on one brace and used another shelf to connect them all together.

So that he could come up with this, a mini desk.


When I first got inspired to do the project I had been searing thrift stores and I had picked up this faucet set for $5 at the Habitat store and a room service food cover for $1.50.

He attached the faucet and cut a hole perfect for the food cover to fit.
We havent siliconed the sink in yet, since I still have to paint.

But there it is! Pretty much done except for the painting and accessorizing.
Sorry I'll have to add one more after pix, I left the picture taking up to the hubs so I didnt get a good final shot. I'll post another pix later on tonight.

I'm so excited to get my paint on and get this in the house for my son to occupy his time so he leaves me alone when I cook... to enjoy.

Desk: FREE
Faucet: $5.00
Sink: $1.50
Total so far: $6.50

I'll keep you updated on the progress!

I'll be linking to the parties {HERE}


Jessica said...

Looks great! I love the sink idea, that's my sticking point--I can't find anything that will work. I'm about ready to buy an actual sink, or build one out of wood.

Christina said...

this is so perfect!! Your little boy is going to love it...and I can't wait to see the finished product!!

Yvette said...

Can we come over and play!


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