Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The fruits (or veggies in this case) of my labor

Last week Amanda from posted pix and plans of her new spring garden. I loved the pix she shared and decided to also share pix of my garden in progress. Whats better than working the earth with your hands and seeing what grows from it.
A while back I planted eggplant. It was in a garden box below my kitchen window and wasnt doing so well because it wasnt getting enough sunlight. My dad helped me move them to some pots in the yard and look at them now, starting to give fruit.

Well to fill my empty garden box my dad who has an amazing green thumb started some butter lettuce. They grew into these beautiful vibrant bunches of yummy lettuce. How perfect for my salads!

Look I scored a tomato plant too, wonder where that came from?!
Just after I took these photos I harvested 2 bunches and made a beautiful, delicious salad for a dinner party I had with some good friends. I was so proud to share the fresh lettuce from my garden.


just another guy said...

i could never get the hang of growing lettuce.. not sure why my thumb is not green that way. .as for the tomato.. my guess would be it was a gift from the birds..;) good job in your garden.

Collections from my Heart said...

if my dad didnt start the lettuce for me, it would have never happened. hehehe :-) thanks!!!


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