Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writting your own vows...

I always ask couples if they will be writing their own vows and I always seem to get the same reaction, do we have to? Of course you don't have to, but why not? Your vows to each other are your promises to eachother in your marriage. When you write you own vows, they become so much more personal and meaningful. Yes, its a scary thing, but here's a few tips to keep in mind.
  • Your vows are to each other. Dont worry if no one else gets it. (Inside jokes are ok)
  • Sit down and talk to eachother about it. You might want to make a plan to say similar things or the same quote or bible verse.
  • Decide if you want it light and humorous or touching and bring a tear to your eye (this is where waterproof mascara might play a role!)
  • Stick to the point and keep it short. Well it doesnt have to be short and sweet but do put a limit on it, if vows are too long your friends and family might drift off.
  • Talk to your officiant about it, they might be able to offer advise.
  • Go to the bookstore or library and search vow books or get on the tv and watch wedding shows for inspiration.
Dont be afraid when it comes to the V word. Remember to keep it from your heart. I cannot prepare you for the emotion that overcomes you when you are standing there getting married. It gets to me too and I'm not the one getting married. Most of all do what is right for you as a couple and what you feel comfortable doing.
Good Luck!
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