Thursday, April 22, 2010

Something totally new and different...

Well, usually on my Thursday I would share with you a thrifty idea for your wedding or party, but its been one heck of a day! Im exhausted and the only thing I am looking forward to is a really nice hot shower and washing my hair.

But first, I wanted to share this website I found via

It's called Deposit a Gift. Its an online registry, not just for weddings, but showers, graduation, birthdays... anything. Its totally different then any other registry. You sign up for a registry and you get a free site for your event where you can share party info, events, dates, etc. Now this is the tottally different part. Its a CASH registry. Yes, CASH, I've never heard of it before either! You put down what it is you are looking to buy for yourself and people deposit cash into your account. So when the time comes around you spend the money the way you want to.

I said totally new and different!


Dana Ostomel said...


Beautiful blog! I just came across this post that you did about my company, Deposit a Gift. Thank you for your kind words and such a lovely feature on your blog. What an honor :) We're thrilled you love the concept and if you have any questions, you and your readers can feel free to contact me directly:

Part of the fun for me is working with our users!


Collections from my Heart said...

Thanks Dana! Its such a different and totally practical idea! Im so for practical! I hope my readers can make use of your company!


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