Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PJ Party

Yes, my friends and I had a PJ Dinner Party! Sounds totally cheesy, but it was great! We were all so comfortable and relaxed and best part, when we got home, all we had to do was brush our teeth and jump into bed!
But, because of the PJ's I promised not to post any pix of us on the internet. I did however have to share with you our dessert. One of my faves and soooo easy to pick up on the way to dinner at a friend's house.
This was our BIG secret and I am sharing it with you all. It may sound strange but it is OOOHHH SOOO Good!
First you need strawberries...
Then you dip them in sour cream, yes SOUR CREAM, not cream cheese!

Then roll it in brown sugar...

Like this...

This is what it should look like just before you devour it...
(yea my hubby had to get his beer in the pix)

And of course a little wine too. This is a great under $10 wine, infact its only $6.99

My son loves strawberries, sans the sugar of course.

See his happy face :-)

So, I have decided that nice evenings in with friends are my new fave thing! Thanks guys for another great evening!!! XOXOXO ♥

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just another guy said...

yes sour cream and brown sugar is the best..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... now i think i need to pickup some.. i think its on sale.hehehe


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