Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Ok, as promised this is the first edition of 'Thrifty Thursday'!

I had so many great ideas on what I wanted to do, I have finally decided on something I have actually done already and will save the rest of my ideas for future editions.
So, for our very first thrifty tip lets start with wedding favors....

I personally love eddible favors. Who doesnt love food and besides who really keeps and makes use of those very cute but ridiculously useless favors and centerpieces. I also have been obsessed with candy bars recently so that is where my idea of Chocolate dipped Pretzels came from! Corny huh... but oooh so yummy!

Arent they cute? And let me tell you super duper easy to make! You can buy all the ingredients at almost any grocery store.
Here's how:
Ingredients: Pretzel sticks, chocolate morsels (milk, dark or semi sweet)
Optional: almond bark, food coloring, candy melts, sprinkles, nuts, candy, etc. (how you decorate them is up to you)
First step is to melt your chocolate, you can use a double boiler or in the micro - be sure to check it often! Start with 10 - 15 second intervals. When the chocolate is melted all you do is dip the pretzel sticks into the melted chocolate. Thats it! Easy huh.
Now, the fun part!... decorating them to match your style or theme. While the choclate is still wet you can cover them with sprinkles or chopped nuts, or pieces of candy, etc. Today there are sooooo many kinds of sprinkles out there you can find any color or even shape to match your theme. Then put them off to the side on a cookie sheet linned with parchment or wax paper.
Or if you want to get even more fancy, this is where you grab your almond bark or candy melts. While your choco dipped pretzles are cooling on your wax paper, melt your almond bark or candy melts the same way you did your chocolate. If using almond bark or a white candy melt this is where you add your food coloring for the colors you want to use. Once melted put into a ziplock bag (Im too cheap to buy bakers decorating bags!) cut one corner off and then squeezing the almond bark or candy melts drizzle in any pattern you wish onto your pretzle sticks.
Vola! You're done. Now get to your nearest craft store and pick up some candy bags and tie them up with a pretty ribbon. Congrats on your DIY wedding favors.


Charity Vazquez said...

love this!

Collections from my Heart said...

Thanks Charity! They're yummy too and so much fun to make!


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