Friday, April 30, 2010

Aloha Friday!

 thIt's Aloha Friday! Yay! It's been another long week.
I just saw this pretty and inviting cocktail at and it just hypnotized me!
Having a Hawaiian or Luau themed wedding? How about a signature cocktail. Signature cocktails are a nice touch to your wedding AND a great way to keep alcohol costs down. Choose one cocktail and serve just that with maybe a wine or a beer. That way you arent having to buy a ton of different alcohol and you dont need experienced bartenders either. And one more note, you dont need a bunch of sloppy drunk guests either!

1 bottle of raspberry rum
1 3/4 cups coconut run
1 cup amaretto
stir together and serve!
photo/recepie credit: Costal Living Magazine

dead battery

Ok, so I went home and started making my diy matchbook covers and I open my box of matchbooks and I realized, darn I meant to buy match BOXES not matchbooks! Oh well, I roll with the punches, because things like that really do happen when you're preparing for a wedding.
Then the next bummer, the battery on my camera was dying and I didnt notice so half of my pix came out very blurry! I took step by step pix along the way too, so proud of myself.
Well, I'll be attempting to make them again and post new pix so stay tunned!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writting your own vows...

I always ask couples if they will be writing their own vows and I always seem to get the same reaction, do we have to? Of course you don't have to, but why not? Your vows to each other are your promises to eachother in your marriage. When you write you own vows, they become so much more personal and meaningful. Yes, its a scary thing, but here's a few tips to keep in mind.
  • Your vows are to each other. Dont worry if no one else gets it. (Inside jokes are ok)
  • Sit down and talk to eachother about it. You might want to make a plan to say similar things or the same quote or bible verse.
  • Decide if you want it light and humorous or touching and bring a tear to your eye (this is where waterproof mascara might play a role!)
  • Stick to the point and keep it short. Well it doesnt have to be short and sweet but do put a limit on it, if vows are too long your friends and family might drift off.
  • Talk to your officiant about it, they might be able to offer advise.
  • Go to the bookstore or library and search vow books or get on the tv and watch wedding shows for inspiration.
Dont be afraid when it comes to the V word. Remember to keep it from your heart. I cannot prepare you for the emotion that overcomes you when you are standing there getting married. It gets to me too and I'm not the one getting married. Most of all do what is right for you as a couple and what you feel comfortable doing.
Good Luck!
If you need more inspiration check out some of the following sites also

Cartoon credit:

Thrifty Thursday Pt 3

Coming up later today.... diy matchbooks!

Monday, April 26, 2010

1001 Cranes

This past Saturday night we went to our friend's house for dinner. They are two very dear friends who will be getting married in August of this year. She brought out her origami paper and we practiced making origami cranes. We needed serious help, and I couldnt remember for the life of me, its been almost 10 years since I had to make for my wedding! We got to talking and she didnt know the meaning and history of the 1001 cranes, so I thought this would be a great blog topic!

The tradition of the origami cranes is a combination of Japanese, Chinese and Korean traditions that stand for long life, happiness and peace, and has since evolved into what we know it today as the 1001 wedding cranes. Cranes are associated with fidelity because (like lobsters) they choose a mate for life and longevity because cranes are said to live a thousand years.

Originally in Japanese culture, the cranes were colorful and given to sick people to wish them well. The orignal tradtion started after WWII which is known as 1000 tsuru for peace. The story goes that a Japanese child was hospitalized and started making 1,000 origami tsuru and said a prayer after finishing each bird. For her patience she was told she would be rewarded with heath, happiness, longevity and good luck.

Beautiful arent they...
According to Japanese tales, folding 1,000 cranes is a 'labor of love' and a couple who achives this before their wedding will be rewarded with a long, happy marriage.

The tradtion has adapted and now you will most likely see gold cranes, which come from the Chinese tradition where gold symbolizes, weath and happiness. Occasionally you will see Red, which is a Chinese wedding color. Chinese belive red stands for happiness and it will chase the bad luck away from the couple.

This tradtion has become more of a local tradtion and has changed quite a bit but you can still see where the beliefs come from.

It is said to teach the bride patience, which comes from the old saying that it is a 'labor of love'

You will notice that it has become 1,001 cranes, as locally they have added one for good luck
You will also see the cranes being laid flat and framed as beautiful artwork to keep for many years to come

Arranging them in the design of the family mon (crest) is widely popular these days

Photo and story credits:

a friend and photog ♥ joy kanani

I am honored and thrilled to share that last week, my friend Joy Kanai featured me on her blog! :-) My very first feature... and hopefully more to come as I grow.

Joy Kanai has her own blog,, please check her out. She's a photographer in Portland, Oregon. She takes great shots of her daughter's volleyball games and clinics, she has that great eye for out of the ordinary shots, her kids are just down right gorgeous, and I just LOVE her what to wear posts. Great ideas, great looks and affordable too.

So Thanks Joy! And go check her out and follow her too!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Something totally new and different...

Well, usually on my Thursday I would share with you a thrifty idea for your wedding or party, but its been one heck of a day! Im exhausted and the only thing I am looking forward to is a really nice hot shower and washing my hair.

But first, I wanted to share this website I found via

It's called Deposit a Gift. Its an online registry, not just for weddings, but showers, graduation, birthdays... anything. Its totally different then any other registry. You sign up for a registry and you get a free site for your event where you can share party info, events, dates, etc. Now this is the tottally different part. Its a CASH registry. Yes, CASH, I've never heard of it before either! You put down what it is you are looking to buy for yourself and people deposit cash into your account. So when the time comes around you spend the money the way you want to.

I said totally new and different!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PJ Party

Yes, my friends and I had a PJ Dinner Party! Sounds totally cheesy, but it was great! We were all so comfortable and relaxed and best part, when we got home, all we had to do was brush our teeth and jump into bed!
But, because of the PJ's I promised not to post any pix of us on the internet. I did however have to share with you our dessert. One of my faves and soooo easy to pick up on the way to dinner at a friend's house.
This was our BIG secret and I am sharing it with you all. It may sound strange but it is OOOHHH SOOO Good!
First you need strawberries...
Then you dip them in sour cream, yes SOUR CREAM, not cream cheese!

Then roll it in brown sugar...

Like this...

This is what it should look like just before you devour it...
(yea my hubby had to get his beer in the pix)

And of course a little wine too. This is a great under $10 wine, infact its only $6.99

My son loves strawberries, sans the sugar of course.

See his happy face :-)

So, I have decided that nice evenings in with friends are my new fave thing! Thanks guys for another great evening!!! XOXOXO ♥

The fruits (or veggies in this case) of my labor

Last week Amanda from posted pix and plans of her new spring garden. I loved the pix she shared and decided to also share pix of my garden in progress. Whats better than working the earth with your hands and seeing what grows from it.
A while back I planted eggplant. It was in a garden box below my kitchen window and wasnt doing so well because it wasnt getting enough sunlight. My dad helped me move them to some pots in the yard and look at them now, starting to give fruit.

Well to fill my empty garden box my dad who has an amazing green thumb started some butter lettuce. They grew into these beautiful vibrant bunches of yummy lettuce. How perfect for my salads!

Look I scored a tomato plant too, wonder where that came from?!
Just after I took these photos I harvested 2 bunches and made a beautiful, delicious salad for a dinner party I had with some good friends. I was so proud to share the fresh lettuce from my garden.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Free Pretty Things for You has teamed up with CSN Stores who have sponsored a giveaway of this Pretty Pink Chandelier Nighlight

♥ love is in the air.... ♥

Booked 3 weddings this summer, Im so excited! May, June and Aug. Gotta get started, creating a ceremony from the heart takes time.

Happy Wedding Planning to all my couples! Thanks for making me a part of your special day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Sunshine of my life...

My son loves to play water....

You are the sunshine of my life ♥

Thrifty Thursday PT 2... and a day late!

Yes, Im a day late. It seems like the days are just flying by.

So this weeks edition of thrify thursday is one of my personal favs... diy pom poms! I've made these before and they are soooo easy! Even my 9 yr old niece and very creative/crafty challenged friends have made them. They can be used for any occasion, I've made them for my cousin's baby shower, my son's first bday in lieu of balloons (im alergic to latex and always seem to be the one that gets stuck with balloon duty) and I just recently made some to decorate my house for Easter lunch.
They are like my "go to" decoration because they're so easy, so cute and so cheap!
They are available for purchase at For $17.99 you get enough sheets of tissue paper to make 3 large and 4 medium pompoms including wire and instructions.
I on the other hand went to my local dollar store and for $2.50 bought a pack of 20 sheets of tissue paper.
  • In step one in the pix above stack 7 or 8 sheets of tissue paper and fold acordian style about 1" to 1 1/2" wide. The more sheets of tissue paper you use the fuller it gets, but i wouldnt go crazy with it either then the center gets too thick and they end up looking strange. You can also alternate the color of the tissue paper, but I would suggest using atleast 2 sheets of the same color before changing to another color. (it just looks nicer)
  • Step two, take your floral wire (martha suggests 18" long, I make mines shorter) and wrap around the center of the folded tissue paper and twist tight while still being gentle to the tissue paper. In this step she also instructs to trim the edges into round or ponty edges. Both look great and if youre in a rush not triming them looks fine too.
  • In step 3 you start to seperate the sheets of tissue paper pulling them towards the center. BE VERY CAREFUL. Remember you are dealing with tissue paper, be very gentle as to not rip the fragile tissue paper. (ok, i admit i've torn them before. when youre done puff them up really good and you cant tell. just dont hang them at eye level)
  • And the 4th and final step, bend the floral wire into a loop to hang from the ceiling or wherever you'll be hanging them from or if making small ones bend around a napkin, cup, etc.
Happy Crafting!

All photo and direction credits are from Martha Stewart, yes... she created yet another good thing.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Email Update!

Just to update you all, I've finally fallen in love with a name, it fits me perfectly since I put my heart into everything that I do. When I sew, cook, bake or write wedding ceremonies I always put a little of myself and my heart into it. So please update my contact info, new email addy is:

Etsy store, coming soon too!

Do you likes???

Like my new layout? Im taking it for a test drive. Get yours at
They offer free layouts and they can design one specifically for you!!
Thanks Guys!

or how about my new spiffy signature? You can get yours free at

Pretty cool huh ;-)

Read more:

Free Personal signatures - cool!


Sharing my world....

Has it been a week already!? Wow time is just flying by.

I have two things to share with you. First of all, Im happy to say that I'll be expanding my blog. Although weddings is my business, I love to live life! Parties, decorating, cooking, spending time with my friends and family are all my passions and I'll be sharing them with you!
So first let me introduce you to my two loves..... ♥ ♥ this is where my heart is

Read more:

Monday, April 12, 2010

The affordable wedding

I just love a wedding that doesnt require a huge loan that you'll be paying off for years to come. I belive that even though your memories last forever, a wedding is just one day, it's your marriage that's a lifetime. So why not spend your money on a future together instead of an event that lasts just one day. I belive in your wedding being the couples day, no one else's. Not their parents, friends, sisters, cousin, etc. I belive that there is no reason to follow the 'rules' that a wedding is special because you make it that way.
So thats why I just have to share this wonderful blog with all of you... I'm a huge fan of

Check them out and become a follower too!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Ok, as promised this is the first edition of 'Thrifty Thursday'!

I had so many great ideas on what I wanted to do, I have finally decided on something I have actually done already and will save the rest of my ideas for future editions.
So, for our very first thrifty tip lets start with wedding favors....

I personally love eddible favors. Who doesnt love food and besides who really keeps and makes use of those very cute but ridiculously useless favors and centerpieces. I also have been obsessed with candy bars recently so that is where my idea of Chocolate dipped Pretzels came from! Corny huh... but oooh so yummy!

Arent they cute? And let me tell you super duper easy to make! You can buy all the ingredients at almost any grocery store.
Here's how:
Ingredients: Pretzel sticks, chocolate morsels (milk, dark or semi sweet)
Optional: almond bark, food coloring, candy melts, sprinkles, nuts, candy, etc. (how you decorate them is up to you)
First step is to melt your chocolate, you can use a double boiler or in the micro - be sure to check it often! Start with 10 - 15 second intervals. When the chocolate is melted all you do is dip the pretzel sticks into the melted chocolate. Thats it! Easy huh.
Now, the fun part!... decorating them to match your style or theme. While the choclate is still wet you can cover them with sprinkles or chopped nuts, or pieces of candy, etc. Today there are sooooo many kinds of sprinkles out there you can find any color or even shape to match your theme. Then put them off to the side on a cookie sheet linned with parchment or wax paper.
Or if you want to get even more fancy, this is where you grab your almond bark or candy melts. While your choco dipped pretzles are cooling on your wax paper, melt your almond bark or candy melts the same way you did your chocolate. If using almond bark or a white candy melt this is where you add your food coloring for the colors you want to use. Once melted put into a ziplock bag (Im too cheap to buy bakers decorating bags!) cut one corner off and then squeezing the almond bark or candy melts drizzle in any pattern you wish onto your pretzle sticks.
Vola! You're done. Now get to your nearest craft store and pick up some candy bags and tie them up with a pretty ribbon. Congrats on your DIY wedding favors.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter

Hope you all had a Happy Easter! Just wanted to give you all a heads up, starting this week I'll be doing a post every Thursday called 'thrifty thursday' where I will take an expensive wedding idea and make it more affordable! Wish me luck and check back!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Thanks to Pacific Weddings Magazine for sharing....

Beau Coup is having their 8th anniversary sale; 10% off orders of $99.00
Very stylish favors and great ideas!


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