Monday, June 27, 2011

i love your smile

A while back I bought a box of teeth whitening strips. Of course I had every intention to use them and well it never happend. As I was cleaning my bathroom I found them and figured I'd better use them before they expire... hopefully they havent already.

Ok so here is the gross mouth shot, why is it that you can never take a flattering mouth shot?

I'm like the worst ever, I do everything that stains your teeth, in fact I'm drinking coffee as I write this!
Here's the box, and NO Crest did not sponsor this post nor do they have any idea who I am and that I'm doing this. I just thought it would be good to share my thoughts and experience.

Here I am wearing them. It felt a bit awkward at first and I was being super careful so they wouldnt come off. They were actually very easy to wear, and if you dont go off on a bunch of words that begin with 'S' you'll have no problems.

See hardly noticeable!
So I'm on day 3 or 4 and I'll keep you updated on how its coming along!

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