Tuesday, June 21, 2011

O Bon Food

In Hawaii everything is celebrated with food.
It's not a celebration without a ton of food.

And where is the best place to get simple celebration food?
(I'm not talking luau food... thats a whole seperate post... another time)
At a Bon Dance of course!

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake which is pounded into a paste or you can use mochiko flour.
It is slightly sweet and very sticky and this version is filled with black beans.

Maki Sushi here is vinagared rice, tuna, egg and dried shrimp wrapped in nori.

My fellow food booth workers prepping the food for sale.

Pronto pops are every kids fav! We even had this at my son's first birthday party, made from the batter from this very church. Pronto Pops are just like Corn Dogs but the batter is slightly sweet and more cake like.

Saimen! Gotta have saimen, with noodles and home made soup.

Gandule rice, not a japanese tradition but a crowd favorite.
Sticky rice flavored with achiote and mixed with pork, olives, cilantro and gandule beans.

My son's favorite is the saimen.
Here he is dressed in his hapi coat.

Now when he gets older, I'm signing him up for taiko lessons!


Jessica said...

All I have to say is YUM. I need to find a recipe for Pronto Pops, I bet my kids would love them. They'd probably love saimen too. If I ever got them to try sushi I'd faint from shock.

Kehau said...

Hey Rhiannon! I am craving a pronto pop, so I googled it and low and behold, YOUR blog popped up as the #2 suggestion! Woo hoo! Now, back to that recipe....got one you can share with a fellow Kaua'i girl? Aloha~ Nessa


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