Monday, June 6, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration...

I've had kitchen, kitchens and kitchens on my mind.
I wanted to redo my kitchen since we first moved in, but how can I justify spending money we dont really have to update a brand new kitchen?

Some of my inspiration comes from these places:

The Old Painted Cottage traditional kitchen
Photo Source

Photo Source

Redoing your kitchen is such a HUGE task!
It's so intimidating to me!
First of all we just cant decide on our flooring are we gonna go with hardwood or tile?
I posted about our tile choices {here} but I kinda have a thing for really dark wood as well...
Why does it have to be so hard!

I started painting our walls so I guess we'll keep you updated on the progress!

1 comment:

Christina said...

Did you see my kitchen progress?! I just posted today...I loooove how it looks right now!!


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