Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cheap easy planter... pain in the butt post


I finally found the photos of before that I was looking for.

I've been wanting to share this super fast project I did for a while, but for some reason blogger has been giving me issues. It's flipping my photos around and not allowing me to leave comments on other people's blogs. And Ive been seing some pretty amazing stuff recently and I want to leave some love on their blogs but just cant! Total bummer.

So here are my upsidedown/sideways pictures... oh and one other thing, I just cant find my before pix either!

I got this planter box at a thrift store for 1.50 it was red so I sprayed it with a couple of coats of black paint.

I should have gone out and got me some craft foam, but it was late at night and I wasnt going to run into town to get some and our one and only craft store closes at 7pm anyway.
So I cut up a cardboard box and it just had to do!
I stuffed it inside so I had a flat surface to work with and I got to work plucking greenery out of this vine.

I got this vine a while back when I had a $5 off coupon.
I knew I'd use it some day and it was today.
I used my hot glue gun and put a glob of glue on the end and held it down to the cardboard till it would stay without falling.

For now, it sits up above the kitchen cabinets, until I can figure out if I want to keep it there or move it somewhere else.

Hows that for a fast and cheap project?!
Did you see my lil pitcher next to her that I told you guys about a while back?

I'm linking to the parties {here}


Meg said...

That's a great fast and easy project! Excellent! I never would have thought to use cardboard--duh! That will save me lots of headache in the future. :) Great job!

Katie said...

All though it was a pin in the butt it looks great! Thank you for linking up to Sew Woodsy last week. We hope you'll come back today and link up another craft project!

Colleen said...

I love the way that looks, very nice, thanks for sharing!!


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