Thursday, August 18, 2011

~ Kipu Kai ~

Kipu Kai is located between Maha'ulepu (South Shore) and Nawiliwili (Central Lihue).
It is privately owned and the land is held in a trust of the late John T. Waterhouse.
When the last of his family (Trustees) pass, the land will be gifted to the State.

Kipu Kai is not accessable to the public. There is a single lane road that leads over the Ha'upu Range and down into Kipu Kai.

(this isnt a great picture taken through the hubs dirty windshield but check out that road! YIKES! you should have seen coming down!)

The beach is like a protective cove between the mountains and is absolutely beautiful. Pictures just do not do it justice!


It's a great fishing spot and the hubs was in heaven.

The scenery is absolutely gorgeous and to have the beach to ourselves amazing!

We are truly so greatful to have had the chance to see this amazing place.

And back to reality coming back over the mountain and seeing civilization.

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Jessica said...

Wow, it's beautiful!


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