Tuesday, October 25, 2011

mama got a new do... oh and i was featured!

Yay! Cool beans! Marcie over at Don't Waste Your Homemaking featured my Alpha Block project.

It was such a simple project, and it was free and educational.
Go check out all the other great projects too.

So, its been WAY over a year since I got my last hair cut and color.
Picture one year of root growth.
It was bad.
Black roots, blonde tips... not a pretty picture.

Yes, I took the cheezy car photo. I was on my way to my hair appointment and just had to get a quick shot of the before.

Just look how long it has gotten, no wonder I live in a pony tail.

And here it is... well 2 days later.
I just love the look and feel right after you leave the salon.
But I got caught in the rain about 2 mins after!!! UGGHHH!!

So, actually its a bit flat.
I'm loving thats its so much shorter and easier and faster to get ready in the mornings.
Plus if I have to, I can still put it in a sassy little pony tail.

I'll give you guys the real look as soon as I get a good pix.


Tomorrow is the very first WTF Wednesday!
Get your Deal or Rip Off ready to post tomorrow!


Jessica said...

How cute! Love the new cut, I wish I could get my hair to look that nice. I can never get it to do anything.

Shell said...

It looks great!


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