Monday, October 24, 2011

Breakfast time! Egg in a hole

The weekends are the only days that I have time to have breakfast with my boys.
Monday through Friday I start work at 7:15 so I grab something to eat at my desk and the lil man eats at day care.
Breakfast is my FAVORITE meal to have any time of the day, as you may have guessed from previous posts like {THIS} one.

This past Saturday, I decided to try the Egg in a Hole.
Why I had not thought of doing this sooner is beyond me.

It is super easy, just like the name it's an Egg inside a Hole.
Simple as that.
I used the bottom of a small bowl to cut a hole in a pice of bread.
Melted some butter in a pan and cracked and egg in the hole.
Thats it, when it was nice and toasty on one side I flipped it over, making sure not to cook it too long so the yolk wasnt over done.

And here goes the taste test.... the results are in and....

He loved it!

So I made one for myself, and I enjoyed it too.

How was your weekend?

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