Sunday, October 16, 2011

Priceless Artwork

Every child makes his mother a Picaso to hang on the fridge.
I love them, but I dont want to just hang them on the fridge.

I found an old picture frame that I already had.

Those cuties are our neice and nephews. Love them, but it was time to update the frame. The littlest boy is now in the first grade.

I just cut the lil man's work to fit in the frame and...

Instant Picaso!

Looks so much better in a frame, and its so easy to change out!
Plus its free and personal artwork!

I'm linking to the parties at the bottom on my page!


Jessica said...

How cute, and great idea! I'm going to hang some clipboards on the wall for the kids to put art on, I don't have enough refrigerator magnets to handle it all anymore.

Debbie-refreshrestyle said...

Priceless is right! What a great idea!


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