Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Backyard BBQ Birthday for Brian

Ok thats strange BBBB... hahaha.... anyways, soooo many good posts today from all the blogs that I follow that it has inspired me to throw my husband a Backyard BBQ Birthday Party.
(and yes his name is Brian)

Attention to Detail shared this really cute BBQ apron party invite that started it all.

It's totally cute and a great diy project. For directions visit

They have other great diy favors all FREE to download.

Brian has been talking about making BBQ pulled pork ever since I made my first roast in my crockpot so I know he'll love the menu ideas. I got the inspiration for this at
PartyBlueprints Blog on their make ahead menu for memorial day.

Yummy pulled pork sandwiches, slaw, corn and bean salad and biscuts. I think I'll have to also try Amanda's from Kevin & Amanda Ultimate Bakes Beans or otherwise affectionately known as Manly beans.

And I just couldnt forget dessert. Party Box Design showed off these really cute cupcake cups from etsy that I just thought would match perfectly with the theme.

I bought these in red from Cupcake Confessional's etsy store

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Free Pretty Things For You said...

hi my dear :)
the last email i got was the one with 2 pictures of
of the baby covers and i sent you an email back.. did you get it?? i know what you mean about gmail! i had to switch to yahoo.. i wasnt realy getting the hang of gmail lol


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